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Agony of Pain. OR My ankle is still FUBAR


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Aug 26, 2007
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San Antonio Texas
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So anyhoots,

I went back to work on 22Jun10, that lasted a whole day and a half. Ankle blew out again. The doc I saw the previous Thurs sent me to Physical Therapy, which I was gonna do on that Thur.

Well, guess what?

I go back to him cause the damn think is swollen, massive pain, and oh yea, now the Achilles is causing serious pain.

He doesn't listen, puts me on Tramadol and says "Go to PT".

Well **** YOU DOC. I'm sitting here writing this while in AGONIZING PAIN, serious lack of sleep and fun side effects of your almost WORTHLESS ****ING PAIN KILLER. Sweating for no reason, and I mean, soaking wet, Diarrhea and insomnia! WOOT. 2 pills every 6? HA! It's 3 every 3.

I have an appt with a Doc I know personally on Mon. I'll get some serious pain killers, and get him to listen to what's bothering me, not some ****heads presumptions.

Ph and I'm unemployed now, fighting the University cause they rejected workers comp claim "Walking can't cause this kind of injury"... ARGH.
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damn, thats a bummer, have a happy kitty to cheer yourself up

I swear that PT is way overused by doctors.

Hope you get over this soon MrV. I know just what a pain a bad foot can be.
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