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ACLU's attempt to destroy "christian" holiday reference

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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The "American Criminal Liberties Union", ..once again is seeing how far they can go in destroying any, & all, references to Christmas because of the name of "Christ" that is in the word christmas.

Their culture war against christianity implying that non-christians are offended etc because the majority do claim to be christians, ..& the aclu sees that as being intollerant.

Once again yet another aggregious attempt by the aclu to wreck tradititonal values, & religious celebrations by such a morally bankrupt organization claiming to represent all that is good for America.

This aclu who is also currently helping to defend a member in "Nambla", ..thats the north american man/boy love association is morally repugnant in itself, ..yet if one REALLY wants an example they should research the ACLU's real stance on what they believe about minors, & adults who engage in sex with each other!

The ACLU actually believes that IF a minor freely gives consent to an adult to engage in sex, ..that there should be NO crime.

And...if that was not morally reprehensible enough, ...the ACLU actually does NOT want mandantory jail sentences for convicted child molesters, ..& even goes out of its way to help de-stigmatize convicted child molesters, & to help them with anonymity, & their privacy rights.

Is the ACLU out of control, ..& does anybody actually believe that they have been, & are going too far by their efforts to force "their" will upon the majority?
The ACLU is extremely partisan.

When Mayor Guliani he removed PUBLIC funding from a series of "art" pieces defaming the Virgin Mary, saying that tax dollars should not be used to insult other people's religion, and that no one was ever OWED tax dollars for their "ART" work, the ACLU absurdly misinterpreted the Constitution, as usual, and called it a violation of the 1st Amendment.

Yet when a play was forcibly cancelled in Cincinnati for (ACCURATELY) portraying Palestinian suicide bombers as murderers, they refused to get involved (And this was an ACTUAL 1st Amendment violation by the ACLU's own stated explanation of it).

......And defending the 1st Amendment is what they are BEST at. The idiocy only exponentially increases when the ACLU involves itself in criminal matters. Here are a couple of examples....

-They are currently representing NAMBLA (National Man-Boy Love Association) free of charge all over the country because they actually assert that it is a Constitutional right for anyone over the age of 12 to have sex with adults.

-They have forced our courts to spend millions upon millions of tax dollars as they have taken every single state to court to prevent sex offenders from being registered, tracked or identified.

-They fight tirelessly to keep rapists and murderers out of jail.

What about the civil liberty to not be raped or murdered? Doesn't that trump fictional privacy rights, especially for child rapists and cold-blooded killers?

I know Democrats want everything to be gray area so that no one has to have anything ever expected of their behavior, but even the "everything is subjective, there is no morality" crowd should be able to see the absolute, black and white wrong that the ACLU has made itself into.
Stu Ghatze said:
The "American Criminal Liberties Union", ..once again is seeing how far they can go in destroying any, & all, references to Christmas because of the name of "Christ" that is in the word christmas.
Link please?
I am not even a christian and the ACLU drives me up a wall.
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