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Jun 3, 2004
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I'm not a big fan of the ACLU. I think the idea of them is great however it has become a left wing group of panty wastes that only fight for the out of touch liberal pukes. The ACLU also claims that the right to keep and bear arms is a collective right reserved for militias and won't lift a finger to help protect and preserve our Second Amendment rights. To them, the Constitution is little more than a pick-and-eat buffet.

The ACLU vs. Religious Liberty
by Richard Mullenax

The ACLU protects the freedom of gay marriage, pedophilia, and abortion, but when it comes to religious freedom, some religious people might find themselves discriminated against.

The U.S. Equal Employment Commission reported that religious discrimination has gone up an overwhelming 82% over the past eleven years.

Religious discrimination has gone up an overwhelming 82% over the past eleven years. This is very scary news for people of all religions.

According to the Mansfield Journal, Sandra Hardy was wrongfully let go because her job demanded that she work on Sundays, a day of rest and worship for most Catholics and Protestants.

According to Liberty Magazine, both a Roman Catholic and a Seventh-day Adventist were fired for keeping their respected Sabbath days holy. Both of these people are no longer living at home as they rely on friends, family, and God for food and shelter.

In America today, people are forced to choose between God or money. Is there anyone fighting for these people? Is the ACLU? Do not count on it, but there is a team helping to protect religious liberty.

The North American Religious Liberty Association (NARLA) is leading the effort to pass the Workplace Religious Freedom Act (WRFA); a bill designed to protect people of all religious faiths from discrimination.

The WRFA is heavily supported by a number of influential senators--eleven Democrats and eleven Republicans. Among this list of supporters are Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and Republican Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

If this bill is passed, it will be a great leap forward since it will set a balance in relationships from the employer and employee to his or her God.

However, leave it to the ACLU to find a problem with the WRFA.

According to the NARLA website, the ACLU sent an action alert to its members on June 9, implying that the Workplace Religious Freedom Act is a partisan attempt designed to restrict access to reproductive services and to privilege harassment.

Of course, The ACLU's claim is ridiculous since twenty-two senators stand strongly behind the bill. If that weren't enough, there is widespread agreement among attorneys about the WRFA after analyzing the bill.

So what does this say about the ACLU's agenda? Well, do not look to the ACLU for religious freedom. Instead, look for that organization to protect the most disgusting acts on earth. However, if people would like to help protect religious freedom and defend it from groups like the ACLU, then they should go to http://www.richardmullenax.com/ for more details.

No good American should let the ACLU's biased opinion of religion prevail. Religious Americans should stand up for what they believe in. Because if they don't, who will?


Jun 30, 2004
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edgewood nm
welcome to the liberal era of america. the aclu will stand up for other religions rights to show their religous symbols in public but not christians. it seems that the liberal agenda is to create a society where equality only applies to those people who are not white, christian, or gun owners


Jul 15, 2004
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Odessa, Texas
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The ACLU--Anti-American Communist Liberal Union.

Need I say more? Actually, if I posted what I really thought, the number of expletives may get me kicked off the site. Like most unions, The ACLU has outlived its usefulness and been Hi-Jacked by the Leftist Wingnuts.
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