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Abramoff and Kidan Subpoenaed in Mafia Hit


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Aug 27, 2005
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The only obstacle in the way of the perfect swindle by Jack Abramoff was the victim, Gus Boulis, who Abramoff and his partner, Adam Kidan, ripped off in the Sun Cruise deal. Boulis was taking his case to the Feds. Then out of the blue, the Mafia eliminated the problem by shooting down Boulis.

Now the 3 Mafia members are on trial for murder, and guess who the defense is getting ready to call to the stand? Abramoff and Kidan, who have now been subpoenaed. This gives the government a few problems, since they giving Abramoff and Kidan immunity in the government corruption case, but Kidan is still a suspect in the murder. Someone ordered the murder, of course. After all, do you think the Mafia rubbed out Boulis just for fun?

Get ready. The sparks are about to fly.

Article is here.
danarhea said:
Get ready. The sparks are about to fly.

If I had a nickle for everytime you've told us this..... :mrgreen:
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