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I believe Abortion should be illegal under all circumstances, except extreme cases where the mothers life is in danger. I feel this way, because from the time the egg is fertilized that is a living and growing human being. Some say no it's just cells, or no its just a fetus. OK but is it frog cells, dog cells, cat cells. Pig Fetus, horse fetus, cow fetus? No its human cells and human fetus. Basically a human being at every stage. An unborn baby who has no say in how it got conceived.
This is not a war against women, this a war for the innocent babies who not have a voice. The argument that it is the woman's body and she should have the say on whether or not she gives birth has fooled a lot of people into being anti abortion. I say to this OK it is your body you are right and you have been given the wonderful gift of carrying life inside of your body and bringing it into this world. However that should not give you ultimate powers on whether or not the human race lives, or dies, just because it is your body. More then just you are affected by abortions. The life inside you, your family, and the rest of the world get affected by every abortion. Cures, discoveries, ideas, positive impacts on society, are all lost before they start. Ultimately it is murder of an innocent, the most innocent of all in this world(children), before the child even has a chance to see the world.
The argument of rape and incest I can understand, but I refer to my previous statement of the baby had nothing to do with that and punishing the baby with death is not the answer. Does it really help the healing process by aborting the life? Or does it in fact create new problems down the road? I'd like to talk to some that have had abortions in all circumstances and get more informed on the healing process and such. It most likely wont change my views on abortion under these circumstances, but at least I will be better informed.

thank you for taking the time to read this and I welcome all replies
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