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Abortion Vote


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Jun 25, 2008
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Today I was merrily surfing the internet and found this little gem of debate-causing proportions.

Further research is pointing at this being a hoax - if so, it still raises questions.

This website, Birth or Not offers an interesting look into the reality of the "choice" of pregnancy. The couple who have created the blog appear to be handing over to real people, strangers, a major decision: should we abort or should we continue this pregnancy?

I really found this to be a bit of big news, for the statistics. However, since the site became famous overnight some of the voting has been found to be fraudulent, so who knows what will be on the site tomorrow.

To me, the blog is really asking us to put a price on the head of a viable fetus. Voting closes in early December, and two days after the fetus may be aborted, or not. They have posted pictures of the fetus' 17 week scans and have even named the boy "Wiggles".

What do you think? Is an abortion something to be glamorized and talked about like this?
It's too bad we can't euthanize the couple.

How terribly tasteless. They deserve 4chan messing with them.
Sounds to me like the boy in the balloon incident. People wanting attention. These people should not breed.
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This is simply disgusting. It's going to be emotionally damaging to the child once he is born and realizes what his parents made of his pregnancy.
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