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ABC sorry for Monday Night Football intro


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May 19, 2004
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NEW YORK — ABC apologized Tuesday for a steamy intro to "Monday Night Football" after receiving complaints from viewers and the National Football League . The spot featured a supposedly naked Nicollette Sheridan jumping into the arms of Terrell Owens.

Before the game, ABC showed the actress and the Philadelphia Eagles star in an empty locker room in an attempt to spoof the network hit "Desperate Housewives." Sheridan, who stars in the show, was wearing only a towel and provocatively asked Owens to skip the game for her.

After she dropped her towel, he smiled, agreed to be late for the contest and she jumped into his arms. Sheridan was shown only from behind and above the waist after she dropped the towel.
Did anyone see this - was it too provacative? Out of bounds?

Apparently, there are many folks pretty upset.


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Jul 16, 2004
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Hell yea it was out of bounds, why Terrell Owens, why not me. Damn the rich! But she's not the hottie, check out the show on Sunday night and you'll see the hot little hispanic housewife that's cheating on her husband with the yard boy. MMMMM! MMMMM! Every schoolboy's dream.

But back on subject, I'm sick and tired of people ACTING so righteous, but living it up in the shadows. Yea it was a little risque for the intro to Monday night Football and I could have made it thru the night w/o seeing it, but it is not worth bitching about. The righteous jerk complaining probably spilled his beer when she dropped her towel. Have you checked out some of your kids Playstation games? I know they have ratings on them, but really, what part of the intro was bad? The part where she's standing there in a towel or the part a few minutes into the segment where she dropped the towel and jumped in Terrell's arms. Clearly nothing was seen and the viewer could have switched channels during the towel portion. Similar to the Super Bowl incident yes, but no nudity was shown. And if not for Janet's wrinkly boob, would this even had been an issue? MNF, as well as Desparate Housewives, is in prime time just like NYPD Blue, CSI, etc. I remember when NYPD Blue used to show some very edgy scenes of sexuality. I also remember an episode of Knot's Landing that had Nicolette Sheriden in full view silkies standing beside Greg Sumners bed. Yes I remember!

My point again with the censorship is that your children, hopefully the one's we are trying to protect here, are seeing and hearing far worse than this at school. At least at home when they see it on TV, I have an opportunity to explain right from wrong, appropriate from inappropriate, or just blow it off like nothing ever happened. And if you are doing that in the first place, I guess crap like this won't get under your skin so bad.
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