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A Very Sad Month for Professional Wrestling


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Mar 5, 2008
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I saw this list here: StormWrestling.com - Commentary

In the last month, the following people in the wrestling industry have died:

Mickey Garagiola(89)-old school announcer, natural causes

Kotetsu Yamamoto(68)-trained some of the top Japanese wrestlers of all time. Probably natural causes.

Anton Geesink(76)-The real first Olympic gold medalist in wresting(won medal for Judo). Natural causes.

“Tough” Tony Bourn(84)-Best known these days as the father of Matt Bourn, the original Doink the Clown, was also a top pro wrestler in his day. Natural causes.

Luna Vachon(48)-wrestled in the WWF, WCW and ECW with great success. Death was probably drug related, crushed Oxycodone and a snorting straw where found near her body.

Skandor Akbar(75)-One of the greatest heal managers of all time. Natural causes.

“Nightmare” Ted Allen(54)-most known as a trainer, who trained, among others, Arn Anderson. I am unsure on cause of death.

Lance Cade(29)-One of the first graduates of Shawn Micheals wrestling school, and some one with great potential who got sidelined by drugs. He got addicted to prescription pain meds(wrestlers live in almost constant pain as a result of what they do, and this leads far too often to prescription med addiction), who when he got off the pain meds suffered from an inability to sleep, and as a result got addicted to sleeping pills. Cause of death not known yet, but drugs will almost certainly be a factor.

Since this article was written, yet another wrestler has died:

JC Bailey(26)-Wrestled for CZW, which is known for hardcore death match type wrestling. He held numerous titles from them, and was the winner of the 2010 King of the Death Match winner. Cause of death unknown at this time, but bet on it being drugs.
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