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A True Story About Karma

Many different adages are used to describe karma such as, "what goes around, comes around; "It might come around and bite you in the ass, every action action has a reaction, and many more. In my life's experience I believe that karma happens all the time. Here's a true story about karma that I experienced while a shrimp boat captain in the gulf of Mexico about 1963.

Otis, the captain of a shrimp trawlerer, and I were steaming from Florida to Texas for the beginning of the shrimping season there. It was in March, the gulf of Mexico was as slick as a mill pond, and the weather was absolutely beautiful.

Otis and I were running pretty close side by side when he contacted me on the CB radio to tell me that there was mantray stingray traveling with us. It was swimming between our boat and was following.

It was a beautiful creature with a beautiful purple color. It was a large creature that was about 15 feet wide. I couldseern see his eyes as we made contact with us. I sensed that he new that admire ringrering him as he swam gracefully though the calm, clear water.

Just then Otis stepped out on deck with a rifle and shot and killed him. It broke my heart. I told Otis how awful that was and he laughed at me. Along side him on the deck was his young niece. It was common knowledge that he was having an incestious relationship with her. It was all disgusting to me and I tried to put it out of my mind.

About a year later while fishing out of Fort Myers, Florida I saw a headline in the Fort Myers News Press. It was a story about a shrimp boat captain at Fort Myers Beach who had been shot and killed by an undercover police officer. It read that Otis had pulled a handgun after he threatend the officer.

The funny thing was that Otis had just returned from a trip off of recently discovered shrimpping grounds off the shores of Contoy, Mexico. It was the largest haul that any shrimper had made in decades. He made a fortune off of the trip. His pockets were stuffed with money when he was killed.

No rest in peace for him, I thought. It was more like rot in hell you bastard!
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