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A Tribute to one hell of a sexy night


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Jun 20, 2018
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Miami, FL
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Sweet Surrender

A silent ringing doorbell, a tense expectant wait
A silhouetted figure, a heavy wrought iron gate
A cute little dog wagging its short stubby tail
Followed by a smiling sweetheart closely on its trail

A creaking portal opening, sweet lips waiting to be kissed
Warm arms embracing, a lover who’s been missed
A gentle squeezing motion, a loving pat on the behind
Offering enticing promises of what’s to come in time

A doorway firmly closing, a frantic kiss applied
A shedding of ones clothing, a flimsy lingering pride
Sweating fingers leading toward a darkened room ahead
Where nestled bodies will be merging atop a pillowed bed

A soft inviting mattress, white sheets in disarray
A pliant body falling, legs spreading every way
Lusty tongues are licking to bring sweet ecstasy
To vibrant bodies who are quivering as in a stormy sea

Fingers deeply penetrating, hungry mouths performing bliss
Fiery tongues exchanging, thoughtful feelings in a kiss
Satisfied surrender the lofty goal waiting to be met
By richly giving to the other and not fretting what they get

A moonlit night that’s ending, a precious moment to recall
A simple whispered message, a veiled gratitude of all
An iron gate that opens with a smiling lover left behind
Both saying to each other "Tonite I’m thankful you were mine"

© Copyrighted (Property of TD)


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May 3, 2009
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Smackover, AR.
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Very Conservative
The debatepolitics equivalent to

"There once was a caveman named Dave"
"Who kept a dead whore in his cave"
"She was missing a tit, and smelled like sh!t"
"But think of the money he saved!"
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