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A Tale of Two Home Invasions: One Intruder Dead, One Shot in Face (1 Viewer)


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Two home invasions this week, one in Florida and the other in Kansas, ended badly for both intruders as homeowners utilized their Second Amendment right to protect themselves and their loved ones.
In Florida, law enforcement reported that 55-year-old Ronald Fleet burst into a Land O’Lakes home on Saturday afternoon looking for his estranged wife.
The wife was planning to divorce him, and she was living with her family during the court proceedings. Detectives believe Fleet was upset that she was being supported during the divorce.
Armed with a handgun, Fleet kicked down the door and entered the house. He and the homeowner exchanged gunfire, which prompted Fleet to flee. Then, a short time later, Fleet returned, and the homeowner fired again, killing him.

And in round 2...

In Kansas, 27-year-old Zachary Hornya broke into a home in Great Bend and began physically assaulting the homeowners, according to police.
Details are still sparse, but during the course of the altercation Hornya was shot in the face. Officers were called to reports of a disturbance, and they found Hornya still inside the home.
Hornya was transported to KU Med Great Bend, where he was flown by Eagle Med to Wichita. He has been released from the hospital, but his wound is still considered critical due to its location, according to local media.

A Tale of Two Home Invasions: One Intruder Dead, One Shot in Face - GunsAmerica Digest

In Indiana...

No charges will be filed after a self-defense shooting at a Vigo County grocery store last month.

Self-defense: No charges after fatal shooting in Kroger parking lot that left school protection officer dead

In South Carolina...

Customer confronts suspects with gun at Columbia Waffle House, shots fired
Deputies are investigating an overnight armed robbery after two men walked into a Waffle House and demanded money; Richland County deputies say two suspects have been arrested in an early morning attempted armed robbery of a Columbia Waffle House.
Officers cahrged 19-year-old Jamal Ford and 22-year-old Kenji Yates with attempted armed robbery.
Investigators say it happened around midnight on Tuesday, August 11 at the Waffle House located on 2345 Broad River Road. According to officials, the suspects walked into the business, pointed guns at the cook, and demanded money.
Deputies say one customers in the restaurant who is also a licensed gun owner confronted the suspects. Gunfire was exchanged in the restaurant and the suspects ran away without any money.
No injuries were reported.

Customer confronts Waffle House robbers with gun in Columbia | wltx.com

In Pennsylvania...

Police: Man shoots teen during attempted home invasion in Logan
Police: Man shoots teen during attempted home invasion in Logan

in Georgia...

1 suspect killed, another injured during carjacking outside Atlanta nightclub

1 suspect killed, another injured during carjacking outside Atlanta nightclub

In Minnesota...

‘It’s Very Crazy, Scary’: Robber Shot By Minneapolis Smoke Shop Employee
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man may have gotten more than he bargained for after trying to rob a smoke shop Saturday night in south Minneapolis.
Fouad Elharfaoui owns USA Smoke Shop near Hiawatha Avenue and 46th Street. He says the robbery happened just before closing.
“Two guys walked in with a gun and tried to rob [my employee], but he has a concealed weapon and he pulled it out and tried to defend himself,” Elharfaoui said. “The guys took off, he chased them.”


Everyone stay safe and have a great weekend. :peace

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