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A State of Staggering Injustice

There is a sort of silence you hear when you address an issue of this caliber. Some people do speak, but it is more around the subject than the subject itself. You begin to recognize the barriers that people have placed over themselves to this information. I have usually seen two. Disagreement and Disinterest.

But by every God one could think of how can you not address this horrible, horrible thing? Israel is a nation that receives enormous backing from the United States. One it sides with indisputably. And while you have been made to believe, over decades, that this was the home of a deeply hurt and healing people just trying to survive, they have been impostors to the moral charade the project. Charlatans. Thieves. But things like this exist in many other places. Stuff like this is happening all over the world. What makes Israel such a sore point for me? Because the US is backing it all the way with the approval of it's people. And this approval comes even in the face of these unthinkably brutalities; acts against humanity, democracy, or even the common decency afforded to animals. It is important to me because I believe it shows not only the true character of Israel, but the true character of our own nation who willingly sides with them. If your father was best friends with a murderer and a rapist that he knew was a murderer and a rapist; that he helped hide his doings and backed him against his enemies, would you not become concerned...afraid...at the very least judging of his character? Or am I over-thinking this? What does it show of the character of our leadership?

Learning of the abuses and the horrors of Israel to it's own citizens ever since the beginning of the formation of this demonic state which thrives off the sacrifice of innocents has made me afraid for us. It is not a pact with evil Jews because Jews are not the enemy. It is the ideology that leads them. This sickness I believe no different from the sickness that pushed Nazi's into the corners of Europe. I believe, deep down, that this entity moves heel-to-toe with our nations foreign policy in the region. I believe we are mirroring each other, partners with each other, and God help me, the leaders of America may even see a role-model in them. Mark me, you already see them eating your constitution right in front of you. But there is disagreement and disinterest when I bring this up. At the moment, I would like to know what I can do but deeper still I believe it is too late. I believe this nation is already fallen Because of people like Rachel Corrie, the girl who died in Israel by being run over by a bulldozer.

Unbelievably, when she was brought up in the forums, people ctually criticized her. She died defending the home of a neighborhood doctor from routine Israeli demolitions of Palestinian houses and people criticized her, mocked her, blamed her for her own death. Some said, mind-blowingly, that the bulldozers had a blindspot and they could not see a person standing in front of the house in protest. A blidnspot on a freakin bulldozer in front of the bulldozer. You know...where the bulldozing generally occurs.

After learning about this I realized that yes, there definitely are demons in this world. Demons of utter venom in regards to life, peace, morality, decency, caring, compassion, or any of that. It is not a physical thing it is a miasma of sick ideas powered by some unintelligible mixture of thoughts and wicked impulses that allows people to execute these things upon other people. Or maybe it's just a coldly calculated logic. An obvious truth.

I just felt like venting. These are my opinions, though. I believe there is ample proof of the current situation, but as for the projected thoughts as to what I can conclude from them, I only fear the worst. For them..and for us. People may call these conspiracies because you point everywhere and see a problem but what if it's because wherever you are pointing there are problems. Problems all around you. In the end, I'm humbled. I can do nothing either...but talk and write about it. How can ordinary people really change these things? I feel powerless.
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