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A soldier's letter to the Iraqi terrorists. (1 Viewer)

Missouri Mule

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Jul 14, 2005
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I haven't any way to verify this but I believe it to be genuine. It came to a person in Texas from his buddy in Iraq. It reminds me in some ways of Patton's message to his troops in WWII. He doesn't mince words. See if you agree (or not.)

BTW, you'll never hear this rant from the Mainstream News Media. They will ALWAYS give the bad news, never the good news or the experiences of the soldiers who have put it all on the line for those of us who believe in freedom. That begs the question: Does the MSM actually believe in freedom? Draw your own conclusion.
This is for all of you Islamic Criminal Terrorists.
American Soldier

This is for all of you Islamic Criminal Terrorists. I'm right here...right friggin here. You can plant all of your IED's, drive your VBIED's and become suicide bombers. You can try to kill me and my friends or try to chase me away. It's not going to happen. Every time I scrape up parts of your body mixed with part of your brake cylinder I smirk at your pig loving bits of your face. Every time I see you being driven to a holding facility, I promptly wave to you with my left middle finger raised in the air.

Your recruitment efforts are pathetic. I've seen your educational system. Keep going for the smart ones ... the ones who can't read or write and tell them the big bad infidels are repressing you. YOU? You stupid POS! If this country were still in your hands, you would still be beating women just because she wanted to get goats milk for her infant. You would still be tossing those who disagreed with you into a meat grinder. You call this Gods will. You say that God has instructed you to kill the infidels and all those who support them. What a crock of crap. You're just keeping up this farce of violence so you can collect money for your own personal gain. You are funded by those who want dictator-type violent power. Well, it's not working. You make me sick.

I have seen the other side. The side of peace loving people. The women, the children (oh, those sweet innocent children), the farmers, the laborers, the wives, the husbands, the teachers, the police, the firefighters, the pilots, the truck drivers... you name it. These people are the real Iraqi's. These are the people you are killing. These people are what make up Iraq. They are not you. You are not a real Iraqi, just someone who falsifies the word of God for your own gain and dupe the poor and illiterate to do the dirty work you are afraid to do. There's a word for that: coward. Well, I'm still here...you haven't killed me and you never will. My name is freedom.

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