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A Question For Nam Vets


Jan 14, 2006
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I'm new to the board and only post in a couple of forums here, so I don't who is or isn't a Nam vet, so hence this post.

Just how long would you have to have been in the service to do three years in Nam? I'm not aware of anybody whose tour was three years long, though I do know one Vet who did three tours, he was a career man, and had been in for 10 years after his third one. He was 'home' between tours for substantial periods of time, at least a year.

I know if you chose a two year tour, you wouldn't get to pick your MOS, but your tour in Nam would still have only been a year. The three year tour you would get to pick your MOS, but your tour in Nam would still have been a one year tour; I'm thinking; at least from my experience I don't know any three year Vets that did two tours in Nam. I'm guessing at least 6 years minimum to do three tours in Nam. I'm assuming Army did a 12 month tour, Marines a 13 month tour, here. Not sure on other Navy or Air Force.

Any knowledge on this would be appreciated, but I found a story claiming a 'three year tour in Nam' from somebody to be more than a little suspicious.


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