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A Partial List of Pro-Russia, Pro-Putin Actions Taken by Team Trump


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Sep 28, 2017
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Consider the following question while reviewing this list:

"What if Barack Obama had done this?"...and then imagine the reaction from Conservatives.

  1. Changed the 2016 GOP platform to appease Russian interests in Ukraine
  2. Publicly invited Russia to hack and leak the campaign emails of his opposition, just 24 hours before said emails were leaked
  3. Promised to lift US sanctions against Russian Oligarchs after election
  4. Sided with Russia (on several different occasions) over Ameican Intel Community on Russian Hacking of 2016 election
  5. Attacked (verbally) America's longest-standing western allies and the EU
  6. Withdrew from TPP
  7. Withdrew the US from the Paris Accord (Climate Change Pact)
  8. Attacked (verbally) NATO as obsolete
  9. Fought Congressional implementation of more US sanctions against Russia
  10. Invited the Russian ambassador, then Putin himself for a offical state visits to the WH
  11. Drafted and issued an offical public statement by the WH aimed at concealing the purpose of the secret 2016 meeting with Russian spies in Trump Tower
  12. Selected Putin's friend (and Putin's personal choice), Rex Tillerson, to serve as Sec of State
  13. Congratulated Putin on his "victory" after his re-election that every US intel agency concluded was rigged by Putin.
  14. Constantly repeats and supports propaganda that comes from Russia
  15. Has never once criticized Putin in public
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