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A Good Cop Story About Good Cops

Risky Thicket

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Apr 28, 2011
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Law enforcement people do many good things, but we often don't hear about the good things. Here's a great story about good cops going out of their way to do something good for a little guy.

A group of Arkansas State Troopers went above and beyond for a 10-year-old boy after no one showed up for his birthday party.

Toxy’s mother was heartbroken when not one of the 21 kids could come to their home in Hot Springs Village. She posted a plea on Facebook reminding parents of how important this can be to other families–a message that was seen by someone who had special connections with officers in blue.

The rest of the story here.
Its not news when Police do good, which the majority do the majority of the time.
Because it is their job to do good.
However, this is above and beyond. Good for them.

I didnt think I indicated it wasnt their job, its nice for them to hear it once in a while though. Theres enough negativity and hate for them around.
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