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A former Christian school graduate, now a US Ambassador to the UN


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Aug 3, 2018
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Why mention Cherith? Because so many leftists and atheists claim Christians should not be involved in politics and that Christian schools do not train students to be successful in life. Both those ideas are false.

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Both Cherith's parents and my wife were friends and fellow graduates of Bob Jones University and all three taught in our Christian School when Cherith was young. Another classmate of her parents and my wife at Bob Jones University was Asa Hutchinson, now Governor of Arkansas. Asa's brother also graduated from Bob Jones and was a former US Senator from Arkansas.

I commend Cherith for her testimony and service. May God continue to bless her and her family. Here is some thoughts I found on the web:

In the King’s Palace – Old Paths Baptist Church

Even the little things are needed in the king’s palace. This spider takes hold with her hands to the walls of the palace and is diligent.
Proverbs 30:28 The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in king’s palaces.

In the King’s Palace
Even the little things are needed in the king’s palace. This spider takes hold with her hands to the walls of the palace and is diligent. She is insignificant and likely unnoticed. She spins her webs in hopes of catching some insect for dinner. She takes her time and does what God designed her to do. She does it well and with care. Her web is a masterpiece just like God put into her. She uses her hands diligently. Spiders are really everywhere. They are in the lowly peasants house to the richest of all. They do not respect where they make their web’s. Being in the king’s palace or the White House would make use change how we approach the situation. We would probably dress up and prepare more if we were going to see the president of the United States. Not the spider. She is diligent no matter the place or cause.

Taking Hold With Your Hands
The Bible says whatsoever you hand finds to do you are to do it with all your might. I think of the childhood story of Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte spun a web for Wilbur the pig in hopes of keeping him from being butchered. She would spin various words into her web exalting Wilbur. In the end she gave her life to lay some eggs. Charlotte did what she could with her hands to sacrifice for another. The Lord Jesus Christ gave His hands to the Roman soldiers to be nailed to a cross for you and me. He was diligent with His hands while on this earth. He accomplished what God had for Him. What have you done with your hands to bring glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you use your hands for corrupt things or do you do diligently whatever task the Lord has before you? As Christians, we need to not be slothful or lazy. One of Jack Wood’s famous sayings was “God would never save a lazy man, what would he do with him if he did?” I am not sure that is doctrinally correct but he had a point. God wants to use people who take hold of a problem and fix it. He wants to see things accomplished in the king’s palace as well as on the street. Will you take hold of what God has for you and do it regardless of who is looking, you are just like the spider. I would hate to see a spider out do you!

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