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A federal judge asked the Trump campaign for evidence of mail-in voter fraud. They couldn’t. (1 Viewer)


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A federal judge asked the Trump campaign for evidence of mail-in voter fraud. They couldn’t. | The Independent

The Trump campaign has been unable to provide evidence of mail-in voter fraud in response to a request from a federal judge in Pennsylvania, casting doubt on the president’s repeated assertion that mail-in ballots could be “rigged” against him.

A lawsuit filed by the campaign to block the use of drop-off ballot boxes — where voters can deliver their mail-in ballots to be picked up by election officials — had alleged that their use would increase the risk of voter fraud in the battleground state.

But when asked by Judge J Nicholas Ranjan to provide evidence, the campaign filed hundreds of pages of documents that failed to identify any instances of mail-in fraud.

The 524-page court filing, shared with The Independent, instead included numerous news reports about non-mail-in voter fraud that was discovered and prosecuted, together with requests by the campaign for information from various counties across the state.

"The discovery produced by the Trump campaign unsurprisingly failed to show any evidence of voter fraud or election misconduct in Pennsylvania. They also failed to provide evidence that any misconduct at all occurred in the primary election or that so-called voter fraud is a regular problem in Pennsylvania," said Suzanne Almeida, from voting rights group Common Cause Pennsylvania, which is a party in the lawsuit.

The usual disinfo gang here will still post their fear and lies though.
What Trump is doing is clever. He is premptively putting in place a defense if this mail in voting turns into a disaster. If the ballots are not counted in a timely manner and authenticated efficiently; he is gonna tell everyone he told you so

And, if it doesn't (which it won't) it will just be another lie in a massive pile of lies that have accumulated over the past 4 years.

Clever, my ass.

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