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A different way to think about estate taxes.


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Mar 27, 2014
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No, it isn't. We don't start with the assumption that politicians are wise and benevolent. Do you know why? Because they are demonstrably not.
You said, "If you want equality between me and Warren Buffett, then abolish capital gains taxes altogether." That makes no sense. Then you said something about giving government more money, now to a strawman that politicians are "wise and benevolent." I made none of those arguments.
Ah, the "misery loves company" argument for higher taxes on other people. For some reason I don't find it very compelling.
I don't care what you find compelling. And it's not a "misery loves company" argument for higher taxes on other people. I don't think you understand the issue, and if you do then you are deliberately ignoring what that issue is. Either way, you're not engaging in good faith.
Do you have the right to masturbate, or is masturbation a government-granted privilege?

If you believe you have the right to masturbate, where is it listed?
You made a claim, it's your burden to defend that claim. If you believe it's an "inalienable right" for children to inherit 100% of a person's estate, tax free, then you have some source for that claim. Please provide it.
Ah, so the real problem is government power, and not that some people are richer than others.
Well, I very explicitly tied wealth to power in multiple posts. But not government power per se but the power that the wealthy exert on government. If you don't like what government does, look to the elites that control the government, not to the little people.

Honestly this is why I don't typically engage libertarian types. You've made no argument at all on the merits of anything. At the best you've argued for a different reality and in this different reality, different policy might be preferable, if we lived in another reality. I don't see the point in engaging assuming a different reality into the argument.
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