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A Climate Science Headline You Won't See, Part 8


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Jul 19, 2012
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Paper finds lifetime of CO2 in atmosphere is only 5.4 years presented at the 17th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties. (Abstract linked.)

This study relies on the fact that isotope levels in natural and man sourced CO2 are different. The CO2 in the atmosphere has an isotope level or ratio that is intermediate between man sourced and natural sourced CO2. The proportion of man sourced CO2 (derived from fossil fuels) in the atmosphere vs natural sourced CO2 can therefore be determined. In 1981, it was determined that 5.9% of the total CO2 in the atmosphere came from man. In 2001, 8.9% of the total atmospheric CO2 came from man. This accounts for only a small part of the total CO2 increase.

The authors found that man made sources of CO2 only account for about 25% of the increase in atmospheric CO2 seen since 1960. This corresponds to a CO2 life of 5.4 years in the atmosphere, much shorter than that assumed by the IPCC.

My Commentary: Therefore, if man stopped producing CO2 entirely then atmospheric CO2 would continue to increase at close to the same rate!

This study assumes that CO2 isotope ratios from natural sources are uniformly high, unlike man made sources, which are low. However, in other studies isotope ratios of natural sources are lower than has been assumed, meaning that CO2 lifetime would be even shorter than 5 years and man's contribution to atmospheric CO2 is even smaller.

Either way, this tends to disprove the anthropogenic global warming theory.

So, why is CO2 increasing? Murry Salby thinks that, as in the ice core samples, CO2 is following the temperature rise. The temperature rise is therefore not due to CO2 but to something else.
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