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A Climate Headline You Won't See: IPCC Forecast of 750 Million People Killed Refuted


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Jul 19, 2012
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The IPCC has made many predictions concerning the effects of climate change on the earth almost all of which have been wrong. One of the many predictions made by the IPCC was that 750 million people were at risk of falling victim to drought in the Himalayas over the next two decades. But according to a paper published in the peer reviewed journal Nature Geosciences no such drought is in the offing.

While I welcome any stick with which to beat the IPCC's absurd alarmist claims, this is a battle of the climate models. One set of models says one thing and this most recent improvement on models says another. One hardly knows who to bet on. None of the models have ever been any good at predicting changes in local weather, that much has always been obvious, they all disagree on such things as local precipitation.

Nevertheless, it is refeshing to learn of this recent demonstration that the science is not settled.:peace
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