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A Brief Argument Against Spending

This is a brief argument against more government spending.

The government is in debt. This is fairly well-known. If you are in debt, not only do you not really have money, you owe money. If you happen to have cash or credit on hand, then that money is not really yours but is supposed t be turned over to your debtor.

How does a person who has no money spend even more money? He either earns more or he borrows more. When you borrow more money that you are acquiring, you only increase the debt. When he government talks about more spending to improve the economy, they are saying they need to borrow more money and increase the debt in order to bring itself out of debt. Now mind you, this is not the American peoples debt, but debts made from government functions and government actions like bailouts of other privately owned entities. This is like every American citizen being forced to pay Bob's enormous drinking tab. This certainly does not make Bob want to quit drinking...unless it came with a thorough cheek-kicking.

But aside from that, it's only money. No need to worry too much right. It's only the government that is affected and it will be us that's affected by the debt also but we can power through it if we buckle down, right? This is where it gets a little technical. Because government debt needs collateral just like anything else. Usually last resort of liquidation to balance the books. What finer thing to do that than the American population. What...you didn't now you were the greatest resource and product a nation has. Consider that no other product or resource, no business or industry cannot function without you or be flipped for cash without you. You are a naturally regenerating, consistently producing resource of nature. By pledging you, they pledge a community of labor and, basically, a huge market resevoir to hawk products upon, as well as other things I'm sure I haven't thought of.

Put it this way...in the absence of actual cash to turn over to the debtor, the government hands over it's people. That means you are not being affected by proximity to or under the failed government and economy, you are being directly affected. It's like stuffing that huge hole in the bottom of the ship with you and everyone around you. America, thus, becomes indentured servants forever working off a debt they never had a hand in producing in the first place. At the top, the people may get to keep their jobs so long as they continue to ensure that money and whatever else the debtor commands is being produced. Of course, when the national debt is so high and interest is outrageous, why would you ever allow a country to get out of debt? By always having to pay interest they are not only perpetually paying you top dollar, but they will be forever doing that. Forever beholden to you, forever under control.

So remember that, in my opinion, when you are advocating for greater spending, you are basically digging yourself down poop-canyon. And the walls are fairly slick. Now, spending money to make money is now new term, but it is a huge gamble. One where every citizen is put on the table against their will. Cause that's what this is...a poker game. And someone's probably cheating.
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