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a big rant


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Sep 9, 2019
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republicans are like "were the only ones who are allowed to break into buildings"
they justify the capitol riots why are they calling everyone woke?

what does woke even mean im sick of hearing people say "woke" "wokesters" "woke as a joke"
what does this even mean they just expect people to know what the word is?

even if i was a republican i still wouldnt understand this stuff it makes no sense.

they talk about the dont say gay law what if we made a law named the dont say the n word law
now that would be nice.

fox news is defending putin literally saying with a straight face "the media just wants you to hate putin"
"putin is a good guy" justifying putin invading saying that ukraine is full of neo nazis.

how can anyone defend the republicans they die from covid at twice the rate because
they wont take safety seriously.

im sick of the right wing thinking that they are the only ones that are right.

free healthcare isnt far left republicans said that doing nazi salutes is freedoms of speech
but months before they said that kneeling during the national anthem was bad
so why isnt that freedoms of speech?

if people are gonna argue that its their freedoms to not wear a mask
then im gonna argue that its my freedoms to wear nothing at all and
be totally naked.

what are republicans offering what solutions are they offering all i hear is them
talking about mr potato head mickey mouse the cat in the hat and screaming
the words critical race theory but what are they offering why is it that they cant make
any argument they just say "your a stupid libtard" im sick of it but if i call them
a republitard then all the sudden they say "i thought that liberals were tolerant i guess not"
its like im just copying you since you started it.

republicans say that they hate joe biden because hes racist its like now all the sudden your against racism?

if they support the police why did they beat up the cops at the capitol riots?

if they support my body my choice why not abortion?

if they support freedoms why are alot of them against gay marriage?

religious republican extremists are a issue i know some people will say
"but its not everyone in the party so i cant label them as that" well its
a issue and its growing im just pointing it out.

so when they looted the capitol and stole 10 computers from nancy pelosis office thats ok
because republicans are allowed to break into buildings but no one else?

of course they will say that its ok if you loot nancy pelosis office because shes a democrat
and shes on the other side.

its not even just putin that they are defending trump sent love letters to the north korean dictator
kim jong un.

if a democrat complains about healthcare prices and how its expensive republicans
will just say "get a better job pull up your boot straps" so how do republicans got
any room to talk and complain about meat prices going up why dont they just
pull up their boot straps? if they cant afford gas why dont they go to college
why dont they get a better job like they tell us?

wal mart says that they wont donate to politicians that supported the capitol riots
and the ones that didnt certify the election well im glad for that but its like the
issue is why are they even donating to politicians in the first place?

they wanna upset people and then say "your triggered your triggered"
its like im not triggered bro im not upset whats funny is that you think that im upset
when you look like the clown.

screaming the words critical race theory wont fix homelessness
what about critical thinking theory does anyone support that
they probably wanna ban critical thinking theory so people
wont question republican propaganda critical race theory
isnt being taught in k - 12 schools anyway.

what about critical homeless theory im critical of how we treat homeless people
i think that we gotta treat them better.

if people are gonna talk about freedoms lets talk about homeless freedoms
alot of states are making anti homeless laws where your not allowed to sit
or lay down its named the sit lay ordinance but i dont see any republicans
complaining about this saying its against their freedoms.

i dont see anyone arguing that stop signs are against freedoms because
it tells you to stop where are the anti stop sign protesters?

your fine with wearing clothes but a mask is where you draw the line?
your forced to wear clothes so why are you ok with that?

where are the anti pants people saying its my freedoms to be naked in public?
i dont see anyone protesting holding big signs saying stop signs are against freedoms.
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Sep 9, 2019
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a black girl defended herself with a gun i dont see fox news and republicans
calling her a hero coming to her defense.

they only talk about freedoms when its convienent for them
and their agenda they only support the cops at certain times
like during the george floyd protests but at the capitol riots
when they beat the cops up its just only at certain times
they use people as props.

i see the republicans yelling at the black judge ketanji brown jackson
and i think that its so disgusting what did she do wrong?

at bidens state of the union speech biden talked about wanting to cure cancer
unifying the country and stopping putin and then some republican came on
responding to it saying "bidens a failure" its like did you even listen to his speech?
right wing negative nancys trying to destroy any hope or positivity i think that his
speech is good bidens made me cry a few times in some of his speeches.

i dont understand why people say that biden doesnt talk right he sounds fine to me
i think that its just a right wing narrative i see alot of people saying that probably
just copying a right wing script from fox news i mean trump didnt talk right so
if you really wanna compare he talks like "the biggest the best the greatest
the greatest of the great the bestest of the best" so how is that what people prefer?

i remember during the first month of the pandemic when people lost their jobs
hearing republicans blame them for losing their jobs when it wasnt their fault
calling them lazy saying why dont they just get another job but it was at the start
of the pandemic so people didnt get much time and couldnt find another job instantly
the next day to them even if you lose your job and its not your fault that its still your fault.
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