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79th night of peaceful protests in Portland

ask the injured police if it was peaceful! Q 2024
so are those BLM supporters with the shields now?

if so , "peaceful protestors" need riot gear now ?

who funded that ****?

They've been "militarized"...lol
These ****heads have become the militant wing of the Democrat party.

Night 79: Unlawful assembly declared in Portland

Today NYC police union endorsed Donald Trump. In fact he is gaining endorsements from police all over the country. Folks are upset with this unrest and politicians in these cities doing nothing to stop it. They are seeing their property values decline because of the unrest and destruction in their area. No one in their right mind is going to purchase real estate in any of these cities. Some are stuck while others are taking the loss and moving away. I read today that Macy's is leaving Chicago permanently after the last looting spree a couple of days ago. People and corporations have had enough.

Where is the leadership of the Democrat party to call for it to stop? Crickets.
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