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60 Minutes Needs to Shock the World

Has the Stormy Saga Been Dragged Out Too Long? In this latest blog post I question the Stormy's media strategy, ponder what's on the DVD, and wonder who Trump will fire on Sunday. Excerpt:

The question of what the disc could hold is something to think about here. At this point, the Stormy Daniels story is so ingrained into pop culture, that it seems desensitized already. Stormy Daniels is going to have to come out with something damning on Trump to get people to care enough. His base of supporters are still with him, already pointing out Bill Clinton’s numerous affairs. She can’t just regurgitate what she has been saying. She can’t say what Karen McDougal said last night. Basically the only things she can reveal about Donald Trump that we don’t know already is that she has a pee-pee tape too, there was another man in bed with them, or a child out of wedlock, and that the DVD contains DNA evidence of his paternity.

Otherwise, whatever happens this weekend in the WH or in the media, Donald Trump will win.

60 Minutes Needs to Shock the World Otherwise Trump Wins | Johnjfalco.com
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