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60 Anti-Abortion Arguments Refuted (part 8)

24. "Abortion is dangerous." EXAGGERATION. Abortion can be very dangerous when performed by an amateur with makeshift tools in a society where it is illegal; abortion is seldom dangerous when performed by a well-educated professional with tools specially designed for the task, in a society where it is legal. Meanwhile, birth is sometimes dangerous, also, in all societies, and may even be more dangerous than abortion.

Since that fact doesn't stop many many women from carrying pregnancies to term, the fact that abortion is occasionally dangerous doesn't stop some women from seeking to terminate unwanted pregnancies. Nor should it.

25. "Abortion encourages discrimination against handicapped unborn humans." IRRELEVANT. Unborn humans are animal bodies with animal-class minds, as all the scientific evidence indicates, and humans have been killing defective animals for millennia. There is also an issue involving "compassion". Lacking it are the abortion opponents, who basically say (without even realizing it), "We want this defective human body to be born, just so that, after it becomes part of a person, it can suffer a (possibly short) lifetime of terrible inconvenience." Meanwhile, the compassionate abortion proponents basically say, "No human being should have to learn, after birth and almost before anything else, how much richer life could be, if only he or she had a fully healthy body."

26. "Terms such as 'embryo' and 'fetus' are de-humanizing." IRRELEVANT. This document specifically avoids using those terms as much as possible, and still all anti-abortion arguments fail to withstand close scrutiny. Meanwhile, a white blood cell is exactly as fully human as a just-fertilized ovum, yet nobody mourns when hundreds of white blood cells die after a paper-cut causes minor bleeding. It takes much more than mere "human-ness" for an organism to qualify as a person! Indeed, if you want to associate souls with personhood, you can entirely exclude human-ness altogether. An extraterrestrial alien person can in theory have a soul and be most extremely non-human, after all!

27. "Unborn humans are innocent." FALSE. Consider the crime of "manslaughter". One need not have any intent whatsoever to commit that crime to be declared guilty of it, after the fact (provided that it was indeed a fact). Similarly, an unborn human is guilty of committing assault, three different ways: First, it sucks someone else's blood like a vampire; second, it dumps toxic biowaste products into someone else's blood --worse than a vampire!; and third, it injects addictive drugs into someone else's blood, like the very worst sort of drug pusher. The drugs are "HCG" and "progesterone"; the withdrawal symptoms are known as "postpartum depression".
womenshealth.gov/ ... /depression-pregnancy

It should be noted that the "placenta" is the tool used by the unborn human, to commit those assaults. Remember that most women experience "morning sickness" in response to the stuff being dumped into her body, as pregnancy begins. While their bodies usually adapt to the assaults, abortion is the only known way to force those assaults to end quickly, when unwanted. Yes, there is an alternative to abortion, "forgiveness", just as many more-ordinary assaults are forgiven (legal charges are not pressed). But forgiveness is always optional, not mandatory.

Note that the preceding is another reason why God is not so stupid as to put new/innocent souls into unborn humans at conception; in just a few days a soul would become guilty-by-participation of assault, starting when the zygote has become a "blastocyst" that implants into a womb. God is not so stupid as to put a soul into the situation where Assault becomes part of its Record for Judgment Day, even before being born!

Note that this can also give us a clue regarding when one of those small "growing" electronic machines might be given a soul. Suppose such a machine invaded the house of an abortion opponent and dismantled all the accessible personal computers in that house for parts, so that it could continue its growth process --this document has previously mentioned "acquiring" parts while carefully ignoring "where", because now is the place to do that. The abortion opponent could certainly regard such an event as a special sub-type of assault, "vandalism" (which assaults a person's possessions). If the abortion opponent is non-prejudiced, the assault must be accepted as a necessary price for irrationally believing that an animal-class entity should be considered a person.

Meanwhile, God understands the situation, so if God isn't going to create a soul under conditions that link it to biological assault, then God isn't going to do it for a vandalizing machine, either. In which case, of course, the abortion opponent can destroy the soulless potential machine being, and also stop opposing abortion of equally soulless unborn humans! IF there is no prejudice involved, of course.

Finally, there is another and totally different relevant thing that can now be mentioned. Evolutionary biologists know that there are two major reproductive strategies followed by the majority of sexually-reproducing organisms in nature, called "R strategy" and "K strategy" (those are the extremes; many gradations exist between them).

Imagine an alien species as intelligent as humanity, but biologically different in that its normal reproductive event yields a thousand offspring at a time. These are quite small and are released "into the wild", where they will forage for food, and can grow to eventually become persons --except that most of them will die in the process, eaten by other life-forms.

Humans are K-strategists; we normally have very few offspring at a time, and give them lots of nurturing and protection. But intelligent R-strategists will care very little about their offspring. Those small "growing" electronic machines previously described were deliberately introduced in terms of R-strategy reproduction, because they can be mass-manufactured by their True Artificial Intelligence "parents".

As long as two or three biological offspring reach adulthood for each breeding pair of R-strategist adults, no matter how many thousands of their other offspring die, the species can continue to survive. And it should be obvious that the intelligent adults must accept that situation, because anything else is a recipe for an ultra-extreme overpopulation disaster.

The facts about K-strategy reproduction make it completely understandable how humans can object to killing some offspring by abortion. Caring for offspring is built-in! Nevertheless, it is usually very easy even for humans to make more --and to even make more offspring fast enough to end up with an overpopulation problem. Logically, therefore, humanity needs to learn that its natural tendencies to care for offspring can be over-done, and it is that thing, the over-doing of caring for offspring, which must be overcome. Too much of a good thing is always, always a bad thing!
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