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6 soldiers have been killed and 15 were wounded...



Oh, again! 6 soldiers have been killed and 15 were wounded in the next attack by Kurdish militants near our town of Cukurca. Even the BBC stresses (BBC News - Six Turkish soldiers killed by Kurdish rebels) that it has been one of the worst attacks, suffered by our Turkish army during this year in which dozens of our pals have been killed.
And what is more, during interrogations of those rebels, who were landed prisoners, it has been found that the attackers were sent to Hakkari province not from neighboring Iraq (as we had supposed before), but from Georgia, on whose territory they had found a good place for rest and training. Then in Turkish towns of Trabzon and Erzurum, they were staying with members of Georgian Diaspora in Turkey preparing for their attack. And due to their words several hundred other Kurdish rebels are based there now!
Where, the devil, are the eyes of Americans, who continue supporting the so-called democratic Georgian regime, covered those terrorists, who then kill our and their soldiers in Iraq and on its borders?
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