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6 Arrested as Bulgaria Anti-Govt Protest Turns Violent


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Sep 14, 2012
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6 Arrested as Bulgaria Anti-Govt Protest Turns Violent - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency

So 6 ppl in Bulgaria got arrested. In case you don't know, protests have been going on in Bulgaria for almost 5 months. While this is the first time ever since the protests turned violent in Bulgaria this doesn't mean that these 6 were the first victims. Many people committed suicide in front of Parliament and the government due to desperation. There were even some news about how one person torched himself and another threw himself off a governmental building.

The reasons for the protests are numerous but most have to do with the current parliament and government which is center-left socialist, that took power 5-6 months ago. The cabinet has been refilled with many of the oligarchs and moguls that are in Bulgaria... owners of mass media companies and other such things. This made people to realize that they've been duped once more by the political class... whose main star of the deception was the smooth-talking current prime minister.

The former government resigned and lost the ruling majority in parliament due to mass protests late last year due to gas cost increase... but the former center-right ruling coalition did a lot of good (and some bad) with the economy, bringing Bulgaria a net growth over their 3.5years of governance.

I think the protesters are at their wits end. They've been out there for months against this govt... 1year if you count the time they started the political rollercoaster.
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