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6,900 6,899 6,898... Paterson Begins a Veto Marathon

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"I'm not talking to them," Paterson told reporters during a break in vetoing the Legislature's budget bills that he said the state can't afford. "They sent me a message. They sent that budget that was out of balance."

Paterson has until the end of July 9 to complete his vetoes, but he expects to finish sooner, perhaps as soon as Friday afternoon. In his office, his counsel Peter Kiernan and several staffers reviewed and passed each veto message to Paterson. At the end of the rectangular table, Kiernan handed him a bill, explained which it was, then the legally blind governor put his nose to the paper and signed his initials.

Bravo Governor at least someone in Albany is paying attention.

6,900 6,899 6,898... Paterson Begins a Veto Marathon | NBC New York
This could go in Breaking News: Mainstream Media, I think? I'm not an expert in how budget procedure works, but I think this is a good move on his part.

Edit: I just found this image in the article. http://media.nbcnewyork.com/images/600*450/govsigns.jpg

Pretty intense stuff, hehe.
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Its because he's legally blind.
Yeah, I know. But it just shows, even though he can't see well he's chugging through all that paperwork, just was a striking image I thought.
Did he manage to get it all done within the allotted time?
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