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5th Amendment Upheld by Court (1 Viewer)


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Jun 14, 2005
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I just read the Justices' opinions from their recent affirmation of the State of Ct Supreme Court ruling in the 'New London' case. Quite and interesting precedent we may be setting here. Althought the 'development plan' lays out the strategic use of the land I am still not convinved it is for 'public use'.

It will be interesting to see how far States are willing to enforce the 5th Amendments' takings clause. It will also be interesting to see if we are back in court contesting the Courts' decision on the New London case b/c the City eventually purchased the land from citizen A to give to citizen B , b/c citizen B could pay more.

The Court, of course, can not rule on the mere possibility of this happening so it will be interesting to see if the City follows its economic development plan to the T.

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