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5 Best African Countries to Live in


May 2, 2016
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5. Namibia


Namibia is one of the most Westernised and developed countries in Africa, with a 'medium' Human Development index of 0.628. Namibia is also one of the most peaceful and most stable countries in the region, ranking 48th on the Global Peace Index.

4. Botswana


Botswana has a free-market economy and a functioning democratic political system. It is also one of the few African countries that provides universal healthcare to its citizens. Botswana is the most peaceful country in mainland sub-Saharan Africa and ranks 31st on the Global Peace Index.

3. Cabo Verde


This mediterranian climate island paradise is one of the freest and most socially progressive countries in Africa, despide being only 385 miles off the coast of Mauritania. Cabo Verde ranks 32nd out of 178 countries on the Press Freedom Index and 57th out of 178 countries on the Index of Economic Freedom.

2. Seychelles


This beautiful majority-Hindu island paradise is one of the most developed countries outside of Europe. Seychelles boasts a Human Development Index of 0.772 and a GDP per capita of $26,422. 50.40% of the population has access to the internet.

1. Mauritius


Mauritius is the only African country to rank in the top 20 on the Index of Economic Freedom and be classified as a 'full democracy' on the Democracy Index. Mauritius is also one of the most peaceful countries in the world - ranking 25th on the Global Peace Index.
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