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48 Years

Ned Racine

Sep 24, 2010
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:arrow: Just a little stroll down memory lane here: 10/22/62 the Cuban Missle Crisis began as JFK took to the air at 7PM EST and with more Weight of the World momentarily on him than anyone before in History threw the dice, and hoped for the best.

Events in Cuba brought into reality that Khruschev was testing the Young American President and trying to alter the strategic balance. He felt it could be done. If it had been allowed to proceed Events might have really gotten out of hand so Kennedy took the Big chance.

Thirteen Days later it paid off and in actuality the Cold War lessened a bit. Possibly the Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty signed 10 months later would never have happened if the Missle confrontation had not occured first. Also Castro for then was reduced to a Small Fry for awhile. He was furious.

Many today do not see the Historic implications of that time and how an individual with a reckless past could keep his focus and go just so far to achieve a specific end without really destroying everything - but JFK in the Supreme moment of his life did do it. Also then We were essentially a United Country.

These things today are beyond comprehension to some.
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