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29 reasons why obama is greatest prez ever!


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Nov 16, 2007
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(IF you hate america, that is)...
29 Reasons Why BHO Is the Greatest President Ever (If You Hate America) - Doug Giles - Townhall Conservative

1. January - December 2009: The Administration refuses to detain the vast majority of illegal workers they find by drastically revising policy, such as halting workplace raids and stripping local law enforcement of the ability to pursue illegals. Also, terrorist detainees are ordered to be tried in civilian courts.

2. February 26, 2009: White House announces plans to slash defense budget, which undermines the U.S. military’s ability to meet its commitments.

3. March 13, 2009: No longer “enemy combatants,” terrorist supporters have new legal protections against being detained.

4. April 6, 2009: Obama gives speech in Turkey, apologizing for America, even as Turkey embraces Iran and Syria.

5. April 16, 2009: The Justice Department’s legal opinions on terrorist interrogations are disclosed and overruled by the Obama Administration.

6. May 21, 2009: President signs the US-UAE Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Agreement, which is intended to clear the way for the United Arab Emirates to gain access to sensitive U.S. nuclear technology.

7. May 2009: Obama Administration slashes missile defense funding and capabilities.

8. June 2009: CIA director Panetta kills program to explore options for assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

9. September 17, 2009: Obama Administration abandons Poland and Czech missile defense.

10. October 19, 2009: White House floats Iranian nuclear fuel swap offer, saying that it is willing to give Iran all of the enriched uranium they need to run Iran’s nuclear plant in Natanz.

11. December 2, 2009: Obama announces Afghanistan surge and prompt withdrawal of troops, with will expose U.S. troops to higher levels of risk.

12. December, 4, 2009: End of U.S . on-site inspection activities in Russia.

13. December 8, 2009: President sends U.S. Ambassador to North Korea for direct one-on-one negotiations.

14. December 29, 2009: National declassification order, which results in the release of over 400 million pages of Cold War-era records, exposing a wealth of secret data on U.S.-Soviet relations.

15. January 7, 2010: Obama blames “Christmas Day Bomber” on intelligence instead of fixing the problem.

16. January 20, 2010: China is no longer a Top Intelligence Priority.

17. March 25, 2010: U.S. backs away from tougher components of nuclear Iran sanctions proposal.

18. April 7, 2010: Terms “Islam,” “Jihad” banned from National Security Strategy.

19. April 8, 2010: New Gates-Obama plan announced to gut military.

20. April 17, 2010: Secretary of Defense Gates warns that U.S. has no long-range plan to deal with nuclear Iran.

21. April 27, 2010: Obama Administration refuses to release documents on the Fort Hood shooting to Senate Committee.

22. April 30, 2010: Department of Defense announces obesity as major security threat.

23. May 2, 2010: U.S. publicly reveals the size of nuclear arsenal, which until now has been a closely-guarded secret.

24. May 8, 2010: Secretary of Defense Gates calls for more sweeping cuts to the defense budget—around $10 billion for 2012.

25. May 24, 2010: Counter-terrorism Advisor Brennan praises foreign terrorist group Hezbollah.

26. May 27, 2010: Counter-terrorism Advisor Brennan says Jihadists are not America’s enemy.

27. May 27, 2010: Obama Administration’s new national security strategy is to focus on homegrown threats, says terror is not an enemy.

28. June 11, 2010: Obama White House seeks to ease U.S. sanctions against Iran.

29. July 6, 2010: Obama Administration sues Arizona over immigration legislation.
I can't believe some credit for those stirling items can't be given to Janet Napolitano. She is really a Pivotal Class Individual.
The list would be more authentic if it had links to the source articles where many of the allegations can be attributed. Without them, it's just alot of...allegations. Some may be true, some not. But without the source, it's just the rantings of one extremely partician individual.

But hey, it is Obama's presidency. So, when it comes down to it the buck does stop with him. Still, some of the decisions made can reasonable be explained, i.e., cuts in defense spending or focusing on homegrown terrorist cells. Even DefSec Gates said the Pentagon was looking at streamlining their budget to eliminate waste and duplication. I can't see why so many people who claim to want fiscal constrains, stopping wasteful spending or reducing the size of government would be so opposed to trimming the fat within our Defense Department when it's leader himself says we need to cut back in non-essential defense spending. To put it another way, the Iraq War is over; many we no longer need to fund some of the things that were once associated with that war and transfer that funding to the war should have had our nation's undivided attention for the last 7 years, the War on Terror in Afghanistan.

And have we forgotten that the 9/11 hijackers all lived among us and trained for weeks if not months at our own flight schools? If you think that was the first and only time homegrown terrorist have laid in wait and trained in this country, you're being very niave. Read the book, "The Cell," by John Miller and you may just learn something.

So, again, I can understand the reason behind doing some of the things on the list. Other things...maybe not so much. But considering that although there have been atleast 3 terror threats since Obama became President, the fact that ALL have been thrawrted tells me that our intelligence agencies are doing their jobs....probably better than the last two guys!! I mean, 9/11 did find it's origins under former President Clinton but hit its zenith under G. W. Bush. But not one terror attack has gone off as planned under President Obama. :mrgreen:

Accentuate the positives, man!
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