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29 outrageous lines from Donald Trump's wild, impromptu, news conference on the White House lawn (1 Viewer)

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Apr 18, 2013
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29 outrageous lines from Donald Trump's wild, impromptu, news conference on the White House lawn

Before embarking on a trip to the southern border that he has already derided as pointless, President Donald Trump stopped to chat with reporters about the ongoing government shutdown, whether he will declare a national emergency to ensure the wall on America's southern border gets built and, yes, his thoughts on the announcement that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife are getting a divorce. It was a tour de, um, something. Below I've picked out the most notable lines from Trump -- and added some context and fact checking.

continued @ link above

If Trumps lips are moving ..... he's lying about something.
I kinda like this bit of Trumpian "alternative truth"

4. "We have tremendous unity in the Republican Party. It's really a beautiful thing to see. I don't think there'll be any breakaway, because they know we need border security and we have to have it."
From The New York Times today: "Though Senate Republicans had not yet reached a breaking point, [Sen. Pat] Roberts said, 'We're getting pretty close.'"



Regarding #3, why doesn't he tell us who those Democrats are he is referring to. Not his imaginary friends, either. Or the voices in his head.

#5 - he's a professional at technology? How much do you want to bet his drooling fan base will repeat that too.

#6 - obviously he never said that? What the everlasting ****? Does he think everyone is stupid? I know he thinks his fan base is stupid. Dude, you said it 92 times (at least - that's what was caught on camera).

#12 - classic Trump word salad ****. "And they don't come in at checkpoints, which they do also." We need a ****ing handbook on how to comprehend idiotic gibberish. Remind me - didn't the Trump fans tinkle their panties every time Obama said "ummm"?

#21 - I guess CNN is no longer public enemy number one, huh?

This man is the biggest clown in the world. No - in HISTORY.

I can not wait to vote for his Democratic opponent in 2020. And that is from a girl who has never voted for a Democratic candidate for any major race (POTUS, Senate, Congress) since she started voting 39 years ago.
Today Trump said, "When, during the campaign, I would say Mexico is going to pay for it, obviously I never said this and I never meant they're going to write out a check. I said they were going to pay for it — they are. They're paying for it with the incredible deal we made called the United States-Mexico-Canada, USMCA deal."

Except Trump did say that Mexico would in fact make a direct payment to the US for Trump's Wall.

Pay for the Wall

Introduction: The provision of the Patriot Act, Section 326 - the "know your customer" provision, compelling financial institutions to demand identity documents before opening accounts or conducting financial transactions is a fundamental element of the outline below. That section authorized the executive branch to issue detailed regulations on the subject, found at 31 CFR 130.120-121. It's an easy decision for Mexico: make a one-time payment of $5- 10 billion to ensure that $24 billion continues to flow into their country year after year.

The source for the above statement from Donald J. Trump is on Donald J Trump's own website. It is there now, though I have little doubt that it will soon disappear from the Trump's website.



Trump also said today that the border is in a major crisis. He said, "Most legislators haven't been here. They haven't seen what I've seen." Except that Trump hasn't seen anything. Here's been at the border maybe a total of an hour in his total life, a presidential tour of the border at McAllen. No one from the press has yet asked him specifically what he has seen and why it constituted an emergency BEFORE he arrived at the border today.

As is SOP for Trump in almost everything he does Trump declared the border was a national emergency Tuesday night on prime time. THEN 2 days later he goes to the border to see the crisis he already declared 2 days before. :lamo And just to make sure Trump sets the hook for his dwindling base Trump justifies his "crisis" knowledge by saying "most legislators haven't seen what I seen" except he hasn't seen anything today.

Crisis first and then two days later goes to the border and discover it there is a "crisis" = Cart before horse.

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