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Sep 26, 2005
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New England
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250 billion are they NUTZZZ! Thats why to much money for rebuild. I mean I can understand housing and schools. But really people over a million dollars for an alligater farm. Suger fields. Please. I certainly hope that money does not get approved and a more resonable bill be presented. Thats nutz, and insane. What would george washington think if he was alive. My husband thinks he is turning over in his grave. I'll definally be writing my sentators. My husband works long and hard for his money. he doesn't work for alligaters. I heard this story on Hanity and Combs tonight.
We have dumped $300 billion into Iraq and it's not even part of the U.S. :doh
scottyz said:
We have dumped $300 billion into Iraq and it's not even part of the U.S. :doh

Whenever :caution: Halliburtons :elephantf name is mentioned you will also hear BILLIONS mentioned!
Halliburton Chenney :2grouphug Bush
$250 billion does seem a bit much. I just want to know were the private insurance is, I don't want to pay for someone’s house because they built in a area below see level and didn't get flood insurance. If I lived in a large field all by myself and it flooded without me having insurance I don't believe the government would be paying to rebuild my home, so why is it we have to pay for their homes. I don't want to sound cold about the situation, and I do believe we need to help people with food, shelter and such, but why do we have to pay to have their homes rebuilt? And don't give me this crap about people being to poor to afford insurance, if you can't afford flood insurance then don't live in a flood zone. "Oh but they didn't have a choice were they lived" B.S. you can be poor anywhere, you don't need to be in a certain location to be poor. And what about all those businesses, they have to have insurance so why are we paying to help rebuild their stores. I say we help with government infrastructure, the care of the injured and needy and leave the rebuilding of private homes and businesses to the individuals involved.
Or am I way off here, are they saying it's $250 billion just for infrastucture and care and not private property damage? If so, then how long have they been using golden bricks for their streets?
No kidding I feel the same way. It's a foolish man who builds his house upon the sand. And I am not paying for it either. The stuff that I heard Nope, noway, notta, never.;)
and I will tell you something else. I believe and this is strickly imo that L.A. is just trying to profit from this.
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