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2006 Election year odds!


Dec 17, 2004
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2006 election cycle

Get the latest updates! odds to win!:spin:


chance republicans win seat

chance democrats win seat

Republican seats up for election (15)

Jim Talent of Missouri 65%

Conrad Burns of Montana 85%

Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania (-53%)

George Allen of Virginia 75%

John Ensign of Nevada 55%

Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island 58%

Mike DeWine of Ohio 65%

Craig Thomas of Wyoming 99%

Bill Frist of Tennessee 70%

Orrin Hatch of Utah 98%

Trent Lott of Mississippi 90%

John Kyl of Arizona 79%

Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas 82%

Olympia Snowe of Maine 72%

Democrats seats up for election (17)

Debbie Stabenow of Michigan 59%

Maria Cantwell of Washington 52%

Mark Dayton of Minnesota 50%

John Corzine of New Jersey 63%

Bill Nelson of Florida 52%

Ben Nelson of Nebraska 57%

Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York 76%

Thomas Carper of Delaware 87%

Dianne Feinstein of California 95%

Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico 74%

Kent Conrad of North Dakota 78%

Herb Kohl of Wisconsin 76%

Joe Lieberman of Connecticut 99%

Paul Sarbanes of Maryland 64%

Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts 87%

Daniel Akaka of Hawaii 96%

Robert Byrd of West Virginia 97%

Independent (1) Previous %

Jim Jeffords of Vermont 85%

Net change: Democrats +1
I can see where the Dems ought to pick up some seats in the House and the Senate, but I have not been able to see how they could win back either house.
It is very hard to unseat incumbents in congress.

Would love to know where you came up with these #'s. :)
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