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2005 Nba Finals


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May 24, 2005
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Who's gonna make it to the finals? At first, I believed the hype of Suns vs. Heat.

Now that I've looked at everything, it's gonna be the Spurs vs. Detroit. ALthough I love the city of San Antonio and great respect for the Spurs, I think Detroit will take it again this year.

The Suns are all offense (all Nash, really) and NO defense.

Miami runs a good game, but Detroit is well-rounded and much more experienced.

In the Finals, both the Spurs and Detroit are well-rounded and tough, but the Pistons have the big men, while the Spurs are lacking in that department. They need bigger men at the post next season.
I'm pretty angry that Nash was traded to the Suns away from the Mavericks. The Mavs had the potential to win it all but they had to lose 'em.

I have to disagree with you on one point, the Spurs don't need a big man. The Spurs are built on a fast team, which is why they have Tim Duncan over someone like Shaq. Their balance right now, is near perfect. They have the most athletic person in the NBA, Manu Ginobili, he can play alot of different positions and is very ninja like.
They have a power shooter with Brent Berry, though pretty darn old, he's still got a trigger on him and I'm looking forward to him reigning some threes.
Possibly the best all-around point guard in Tony Parker. He is amazing, he has magnificent ball-handling, a steady stroke and can lay the ball up with great speed.
To make their team complete they need a nice, well-rounded defensive player. They have that in Bruce Bowen, though not a strong offensive player, he's a great defensive one and completes the perfect team.

Yes I agree, Spurs are the winners.
I would agree on all your points regarding the Spurs. Trust me, I've grown to love the Spurs. Lived in San Anto for almost 3 years, and in that time I've seen Parker mature as PF, Manu fit well into his role, and definitely Timmy Duncan is quite possibly one of the most underrated and looked over players of the league of today. With the acquisition of Nazr Mohammed, they have an unbelievable talented center.

But to post up against a team like Detroit in the finals will be tough. I think Pops can deliver a blow by blow team on offense and defense. It'll be a fight. No doubt the reigning champs want this more than anything; yes the Spurs are twice champs, and a lot of experience on the team in tasting a championship, but, overall, Pistons will take it in Game 7 vs. the Spurs.
I think Tim Duncan is at an equilibrium.. he's not overrated nor is he underrated. He's been getting the pat on the backs and the fame that many legends have been getting.. he'll definitely be a legend.

The Pistons know what they're doing, they'll have a hard time with the San Antonio guards, heck, any team would have problems with that one-two punch back-court.
I guess I still have that San Antonio bias regarding Tim Duncan. SO many San Antonians kept saying he was never appreciated by the league. Good to have a different perspective. Albeit there's only ONE OTHER PERSON responding to this thread.

Thanks though. Makin' a newbie feel welcomed. *Kumbaya, My Lord, Kumbaya....*
No problem, I'm a big Basketball Fan myself and thought it'd be nice to talk about the NBA Finals.

Though I do like the NCAA basketball action, Tar Heels rock (seeing as I live in Chapel Hill North Carolina), but NBA lasts longer than College so I gotta know my NBA stuff.
So Arch Enemy (is there anyone else around here?), 4-1, SAT over PHX this Wednesday night? Duncan's free throw was atrocious Game 4. Had he nailed his free throws, the Spurs may have swept the series. Johnson didn't bring all that was expected or anticipated for the Suns in that game.

Miami is looking good, but I'm still saying Detroit wins it in 7.
Let it be known that I called it on May 26, 2005. I also said Detroit over Miami in 7 games. Thanks to Dwyane Wade being out Game 6, I think Detroit has the confidence it needs going into the last game of the Eastern Championships. It's looking more and more like last year's Eastern Conference match-up.

Who's with me that the Pistons will beat the Spurs in 7 games? As much as I hate to say that, they will.

Okay, I'm over it.
I've been a fan of the Pistons since 99-00 season, and I loved saying this last year, this year's even sweeter:

Congratulations to you. Mark my words: It'll go down to game #7 in San Antonio. And I hate to say this, as a Spurs fan . . . but your Pistons will defend their championship.
Does no one else watch sports here? Also, I just want this thread to be visible on the main page

*Visibility w.hore* :mrgreen:
lol, yeah, seems most people on here care only about politics, come to my site, it's not all political and I have a few members who post about Sports, anyway, just check it out.
I like sports but have nothing to cheer about lately. I am a REDS fan...look at their record...pretty much sucks. I'm a CELTICS fan...their season is over. I'm also a COWBOYS fan...maybe, just maybe we'll have a winning season this year. I generally watch pro sports although I have found myself watching quite a bit of college baseball lately. The SEC is full of great teams. I'm thinking maybe my son should go to Georgia Tech...great baseball program & engineering department. When it comes to college football it's...the BUCKEYES.
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