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15 People Have Been Charged In The Flint Water Scandal


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Jan 29, 2015
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15 People Have Been Charged In The Flint Water Scandal​

DETROIT (AP) - Fifteen people have been charged in an investigation of how Flint's water became contaminated with lead in 2014-15 and a related outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. Seven people have pleaded no contest to misdemeanors in deals that will leave them without a criminal record.

The most responsible are the political leaders, the last republican was elected in the early 1960’s. Like Detroit, Flint was full of opportunity in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Democrats have reigned Supreme in Flint for more than 50 years. No one in city government was a Republican. The tragedy of contaminated water rests solely upon the "Democrat majority" running the city.
They first stopped getting their water from the city of Detroit's supply, instead going to the flint river for its intake. Secondly, it was to save money, obviously not public safety. The city council decided not to put minerals in the water supply to keep the lead from leeching out of the older pipes. They did this knowing the likely result was lead contamination. Now the cover-up and obfuscation from state and the EPA. The upshot is that flint is once again getting their supply of water from Detroit, and putting minerals in the water to prevent lead leeching. The people that made the decision to poison the citizens of Flint Michigan will obviously go on to screw up the city in other ways because they will not have been charged it falls upon the employees and lower management not those who ran the city.
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