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14 step plan to make this country a super power again!


14 step plan to make America great again!

America Our Economy is broken, & America is Broken
How do you fix something if its broke? You dont ask a Politician or a Lawyers or/attorney how to fix something if its broke you get a mechanic! Well I'm a mechanic. I would like to be your president, and not by choice either! I dont relish the idea of being a Public politician having my entire life put under a microscope or answer to others about my past or what I may say when its taken out of context to never again being able to walk down a street or to be protected by the secret service for the rest of my life, But I do not trust any of the current Front runners or any other Politician to FIX anything .
I have over 20 years experience fixing 500 mph jets and other aircraft with highly technical systems. All of these are highly regulated by mountains of Manuals, legal Far's (federal aviaition regulations) So I feel I am more than qualified to be able to interpret the Bills & reports put forth by the house and congress necessary for this job and report too you the American people.
You don't need to be a career politician for this job, you just need some smarts & a Lot of common sense like one of my old bosses used to tell me "Common sense is highly uncommon! " It seems Big government doesnt have any at all.
I have NO political background so you won't hear any double-talk from me. I will tell you how it is, no need to read between the lines or try to figure out what the heck I just said because of talking in circles to never answer a question, I wouldn't know how to do it.
No more LIES! imagine that?!
I have no political favors to keep, I have no ties to any poloticians so I have no political promises to keep too any politician. I'm a Blue collar guy with a lot of common sense. If you want 4 more years of the same old redirect stop listning now, leave now, BUT If you vote for any another candidate be prepared for the same old BS NOT once in my life time has any president gone & done any thing other than keep us going down the same old tracks, NEVER keeping their campaign promises WHY? Why dont Politicians keep there campaign promises? because they are career politicians they have favors to pay back they have freinds they have to help and they work for special interest groups & Lobbyist OR who ever else has enough money! mainly special interest groups and professional lobbyist who donate millions to career politicians campaigns so they may write laws wich benefit them.
Our situation is dire if Big changes dont take place soon in this country it is doomed! bad things are liable too and probably will happen to America as we know it very soon.
Fixing our economy is going to be nothing short of a miracle! its that bad! For 40+ years politicians Big banks and special interest have been destroying America one piece of legislation at a time by working for Big business, special interest groups, and Lobbyist and their freinds in government by Pushing their Liberal agendas convincing the people that Free trade is good and a One world Global economy is good. Unions and pensions are evil, and that SS & Medicare are runaway entitlements that are evil and bankrupt and that our Immigration system is uncontrollable.
THIS IS AMERICA! WHERE NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! AND ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING! EVEN BE PRESEDENT! I say too you the America people that Social security and Medicare can be saved and This nations economy can get moving again and be put back on track! by Championing a return to true
American School of economics and abandon Liberalism wich has dragged us down too a two class society of the rich and the poor.
I say A Global economy & Free trade at the expense of the American people and its economy is EVIL! Multi national companies MNC are EVIL!Majority owned foreign affiliates MOFA are EVIL! CEOs, Boards of directors, are Evil and MOST in Congress are moraly corrupt and greedy with no forsight or common sense! AND THEY DEFFIENITLY ARE NOT WORKING FOR YOU! OR ME!
Personally I say its time for a DAM OVERHAUL! Americans have a standard of living wich must be maintained. By Truly balancing the trade deficit and eliminating Free trade, Taxing imports and exports once and for all FAIRLY for all, we can fix our countrys economy. THIS countrys corporations and those countrys corporations wich dont play by OUR rules will have there imports and exports taxed at the highest possible rates to meet or exceed equal American products or find them sitting out at Sea blocked from entry. This is the ONLY way to create jobs here in America NOW. We MUST even the playing field for all Americans or face the reality that most of our country is going to be considered a third world country of POOR people from hi unemployment and uncontrolled inflation.
Free trade is a Vehicle of DOOM for America. creating two classes of people the Rich and the Poor.
In example this is a clip from the National Academy of Public administration for the US congress and the bureau of economic analysis. dated Jan 2006 the most current file I could find on the subject from U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
Issue 5: What are the major impacts of off-shoring on U.S. workers and the economy, and the implications for the educational system?
Workers displaced by off-shoring are expected to endure unemployment and income loss, the severity and duration of which remain uncertain. It is also unclear whether the impacts on workers displaced from off-shoring differ from the impacts on workers displaced for other reasons—such as demand shifts or technological change—who have similar skills and experience in the same occupation or industry. To assess the impacts on displaced workers, the Panel will review previous studies, evaluate certain case studies of job off-shoring and the effects on specific industries and/or occupations, BLA BLA BLA they go on about there study they want to do.....
I dont know about you or any one else but I dont need another 10 year study that costs millions of dollars to know this is bad for the American people! and America! When we even the playing field for ALL American workers & businesses we will have a stronger Tax base to pay for Social security and Medicare FOR ALL AMERICANS!
I encourage all Americans to do there own research on Thea's too topics if you do nothing else Liberalism economics and the American school of economics and the differences there of. AT the heart of any Liberals agenda you will find free trade at the top of there list of things to do.

As President I would take these 14 steps too fix our nation

1.Return the USA to the American school of economics
American School of economics
protecting industry through selective high tariffs (especially 1861–1932) and some include through subsidies (especially 1932–70) government investments in infrastructure creating targeted internal improvements (especially in transportation) a national bank with policies that promote the growth of productive enterprises rather than speculation.
This is the system wich America used for over 100 years till 1970 when Nixon took us off of it and the Gold standard. The American system of economics is what made are country GREAT! It protected our jobs from unfair competition of foreign countrys low wages. It made us a super power! By Going back to a system of Tariffs and Taxing imports and exports by investing in Infrastructure and using the Fed bank to promote growth, my administration will in 4 years create more jobs in the USA than any other in US history! By eliminating free trade wich exported our JOBS! and Opportunities

2. Return once again to the gold system
Plan speaks for itself The US dollar is worthless currently and were looking at a total collapse of the dollar if we dont.
3.)Tax System
Our Tax system needs a complete overhaul
Personal Income Tax
Reducing Taxes With a Flat federal income tax system 9%-10%? lets sit down and come up with a REAL number and make it stick! but no more than 15% no American is any more American than any other and ALL shall pay the same rich or pore.
Corporations who use ALL American made products and LABOR to produce there goods NO loop holes! 25% this can never be changed and never be increased without a full vote by congress but can never be increased by more than .25% per year, year after year and FOREVER have a CAP that can never be increased above that cap. 27%-30%MAX! again lets sit down and come up with a fair number and stick to it! any annual increases are both tied together both Personal AND corporate! this would reduce the chances of just the American people from having to pay the brunt of anything!
MNCs would automatically Taxed at the Highest rate automatically no exceptions!
This would exclude import or export Tariffs sorry all importing or exporting companies have to pay those! NO LOOP HOLES!

4). Social security
OVERHAUL Social security instead of dissolving it like every other politician wants to do. Ensuring its survival for all for generations to come. By analyzing the core structur & eliminating waste by management. I also want too Increase benefits paid to recipients and tying benefit raises to government officials & government employee workers pay raises.
5). Medicare
OVERHAUL medicare system instead of dissolving it like every other politician wants to do. By analyzing its core structur & eliminating waste by management. I also want too Increase benefits by eliminating prescription drug donut holes and requiring it cover All medications including experimental drugs and procedures when they have been proven to be beneficial treatments.


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Jan 3, 2012
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6).Medical insurance
OVERHAUL the Insurance industry laws Every one wants Obama care to be Repealed BUT Laws cant be REPEALED a new law must be written wich overrides current law and regulations. Out with OBOMA CARE! its cheaper and easier to fix what we have. By enacting New legislation wich overrides Obama care.
Medical insurance laws will be over hauled to have no preexisting clauses and will pay for medical services at affordable prices and Co pays with no exception to preexisting conditions or experimental procedures & drugs. all Drug costs are to be covered as well. 2nd bill of rights ensures affordable medical treatment for ALL Americans. But it does not require all to belong to an insurance company either.
7.) Energy policy Overhaul
If we are going to get this country moving again and keep it moving in the right direction we need to encourage all forms of energy and at the same time capitalizing on old ones. Americas dependence on foreign oil needs to be corrected by encouraging a switch to strait ethanol in the mainstream as a primary fuel without strong regulations or heavy Taxation by the federal government or state governments and without influence from Big oil companies. We need to eliminate E85 rules and regulations and just have strait ethanol at the pumps grown from all sources sugar cane sugar beets and corn and it needs to be TAX FREE! too few realize that it is already Tax free and anyone can distill there own fuel anyone can get a permit from ATF to build a still to make fuel, far to many lack an area to do it in safely or lack the ability to benefit from current legislation my idea is to have a very large nonprofit CO OP of farmers and distillers build a nation wide infrastructure to bring cheap affordable fuel to all.
For far to long Americas energy needs have been under the control of OPEC, and Taxed by both state and federal governments Its time for a cheap fuel alternative. This would be good for farmers good for the auto industry and good for the enviroment and good for are economy. I feel Americans deserve a fuel alternative free from heavy regulation an important factor in getting our countrys economy going again.
And if some one drinks the stuff more power to em, The days of Big government worried about someone distilling and selling cheap hooch is over, it needs to be compleetly legal to distill in this country as it is for many in other countrys, its time for it to be here too. Yes there are going to be people who water the stuff down and drink it, if there really that hard up for a drink I say let em! personally I think most people would rather drink something a bit more refined and from clean machinery so the alcohol industry isn't going to suffer to terribly badly and old uncle Sam is just going to have to live with the Tax loss for the greater good of the economy and its nations people.
Oil and gas back in the mid to late 90s
The EPA was going around fining gross polluters millions, companies were going broke back then in efforts to do the clean up only to turn the clean up over too the government The US Tax payers with the Super Fund clean up, Big Oil companies Oil refineries all over the country were closed and dismantled mainly those refineries that were too old or outdated and too costly for the conversion to the new cleaner fuel blends the EPA set as the new cleaner burning fuel standard. The EPA also took aim at Mom and Pop stripper wells across the country as gross pouters as a result In an effort to avoid heavy fines and penalties from the government Mom and Pop stripper wells got pulled up and there wells were filled with concrete in an effort to avoid heavy fines from the EPA soon after Oil and gas prices skyrocketed to all time high prices with huge profits for big Oil companies. but all that talk of The Super fund and the clean up all went away, Many sights grossly polluted by mining projects earmarked for clean up by the Superfund have been abandoned as too costly many American towns still await the day when there areas will be cleaned up by the offending corporations or government.
By Allowing people and small business who still own rights too old Oil wells/fields and stripper wells that were filled to be reopened and pumping to resume, without fear of huge environmental costs for clean up, it can be done effectivly and cleanly we can drive oil prices back down, we need to allow for off shore drilling to once again start flowing, with a new system of independent regulators to oversee ALL safety aspects to prevent accidents as the industry has proven time and time again to have too little respect for accidents wich affect the enviroment and human/animal rights.
The oil industry needs to be regulated, in a way wich can effectivly bring final costs down for the American people and at the same time encourage growth, We need to write new laws requiring our own oil and gas resources to remain in this country to balance the prices from foreign oil and OPEC. By restricting domestic resources from being exploited i.e. all the oil from trans Alaska pipeline goes over seas primarily too China Prices would come down dramatically nationally.
While I like the idea of cheap reliable energy sources such as Nuclear energy wich just scares the bejesus out of me personally, I believe it can be done correctly and responsibly but a market without extreme oversight on safety scares the heck out me. Wind and solar and hydro elect energies are important sources of energy but they are not effective at 24/7 production with the exception of Hydro elect. But Hydro destroys animal habitat at a trade off and the lakes fill in with natural run off from the surrounding hillsides choking them off eventually rendering them useless without costly dredging.
I believe that America should offer more resources to Hydrothermal, Hydrogen and Fusion technologies as these technologies offer the most reward in the effort to get America off its dependence of foreign oil and coal. I believe by offering incentives too any one person or corporation that perfects these resources for the benefits of mankind a better investment. Incentives such as having extended patent life terms and/or exemption from federal taxes for life are good incentives.

8.)Environment The EPA needs an overhaul
Its extremely important to protect our enviroment but at the same time its even more important to have some good common sense with REAL scince and NOT JUNK scince in the protection of the enviroment. Our planet and its enviroment is constantly changing naturally. I do not believe that humans are always responsible for those changes nor is Science always right or wrong in there findings, While we are very good at pointing out whats bad for the enviroment we our even better at knee jerk reactions Law-ing ourselves out of jobs and products that work. Only to buy products made in other countrys where those offending products are used, Out of sight out of mind doesnt work. Its just as important for finding effective affordable alternatives before laws are made.


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Jan 3, 2012
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9.)Immigration's System
The Immigration system needs an over haul and enhancements made, By Having our national guardsmen patrol our borders & shores 24/7 enhancing Americas security, hold those in charge of our immigration system for the last 20+ years accountable to the American people! for not bringing to light the problems they had in controlling the situation and for failing to do there jobs, those in charge that have allowed the flow of illegals to come into this country should be held accountable.
We need to Invite Mexico to be the 51st state IF they as a Nation agree then Mexican illegal immigrants are no longer illegals but citizens of the USA with all its benefits! Mexico would be a much safer place as would America, It would open the doors for opportunities on both sides I personally would love to be able to go to Mexico and buy water front property or go see Mexico's Jungles or Mayan temples without fear from corruption or thugs and thieves murderers and rapist.
This would create so many jobs !!!!!!!!!! and increase are Tax base we need that. we also need to stop the flow of illegal drugs or Terrorists. By taking it directly to there shores as a US land.

10.)Education system
Education system needs an overhaul Top to bottom no school superintendent would ever again be paid more than 25% more than any teacher's pay, Superintendents for example in the State of CA make $300,000+ in some CA districts and they wonder why CA is Bankrupt? The money isn't getting where it needs to go OUR schools OUR teachers. The parity exists in most other states as well, This cannot continue.
Teacher to student % not to exceed 30 students per class k-12. National testing is a failure teachers pay needs to be based upon that teachers effectiveness of teaching not passing federal tests and not by their seniority as a teacher either. America needs people who can think not just pass tests!
High School grads education shall be be the best in the world not the worst in the world, Emphasizing on Math and Science. and shall also include classes redying students for employment in the automotive, medical fields, electronics, manufacturing, construction trades with automotive shop sheet metal shop wood shop and electrical shop for the construction trades. amongst others.

11) GUT BIG GOVERNMENT Balancing the Budget
America is a nation of laws but those laws have law-ed us out of jobs & taxed us into oblivion and corrupted our government, and is bankrupting our nation unless we take action NOW! with a 16 Trillion dollar deficit! this is unsustainable!
We have to Gut Big government NOT just Overhaul it but a complete look at what Americas core values are as well, Its not Governments job to tell Americans what they can or cannot do with there bodies or what they can put into there bodies, OR what they can or cannot do in there own homes, who they marry or who they cant marry, who they can worship or who they cant, what they can think or what they can read. This is America and Americans are free! free to accel and prosper in our own life or free to destroy are own life as sad as that may be but its not the governments responsibility to step in until you hurt some one else in your demise.
Eliminate and/or overhaul ALL Gov agencies such as DHS, TSA, ATF, DEA, FDA, SS, FCC, FAA, Education and others by taking a hard look at what each does and scrutinizing each es own management network eliminating waste those agencies wich would be earmarked for elimination would have their core fundamental laws wich enacted those agencies studied and have the aspects of those good laws remain intact, enforcement shall fall on the state level and federal level as necessary. Its up to the states to act and care for there people not Big Government.
Eliminate All pork laws, laws wich are intertwined inside other laws, ALL laws have to stand alone! and be truthful in the naming of laws and bills as well and never again include any language wich would be considered classified or wich undermines the fundamental rights of the American people or its core Values wich are not limited to just life liberty and justice for all. All laws are to be written in laymen terms so all Americans can read and understand them with clarity NO loopholes! because ignorance of the law is no excuse!
We must Eliminate special interest groups and lobiests ability to influence our law makers by holding our law makers responsible and accountable for there actions. Campaign finance reform is essential if we are to elect true leaders.

12)Court system/Correctional system
A) Our correctional system is broken and needs an overhaul for far to long politicians have been allowed to write laws taking away and Impairing our Judges ability to do their jobs with mandatory minimum sentences, Its time to allow our Judges to do there jobs to protect and too serve, No judge, Parole board or Probation officer can foresee what a person will do when released, and they cant be held responsible nor can the system.
It is our correctional system that needs to be based upon true rehabilitation and returning Americas prisoners back to society NOT imprising them forever. Our Jails and Prisons ARE not Hospitals for the Mentally disturbed. For far too long Mentally ill patients have been impressed with out treatment. We need to once again bring back our hospitals for the mentally ill not imprison them without treatment.
The Federal Prison system needs a Parole system that works! We need to bring back Federal Parole to allow our people to be released when they have done the work to be released by proving they can once again be contributers to sociity. YES there are going to be repeat offenders yes innocent people will be hurt but far more will be returned effectivly to society, are system is not perfect and it is broken but we cant just continue to lock people up and throw them away either. America imprisons more people in America than any country in the world its time for that to end. Americas drug laws and a failed war on drugs has Failed this country by filling our jails and prisons with Drug users. NOT Drug dealers!
Its time to legalize drugs and tax them and allow sociity to rule with education not laws wich imprison drug users. Illegal drug dealers should be imprisoned not addicts or users. I am not saying Heroin, Cocaine, and LSD should be totally legalized but access should be controlled with education. I am not saying Heroin,Cocaine and LSD are good by any means but I would like to know that my kids aren't getting it on the streets.
For far to long Americans have tried to fix things with More stringent laws controlling prison sentence's for repeat offenders and Career criminals and it just doesnt work! its time for education to work with the correctional system to rehabilitate not just lock them up forever.
I am in no way saying let all the MURDERS, RAPISTS, Bank Robbers out but at the same time there is no way to protect Americans from repeat offenders, just like theres no way to protect people from the first time offender. Its time for REAL change its time for TRUE rehabilitation in our correctional system.


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12.B)Bankruptcy codes and regulations
Corporate Bankruptcy code must be rewritten to were employees and there pensions are first before any other creditor. There is no such thing as to big to fail, The The Pension board guaranty fund (The American people are not a catch all for American corporations too just dump there pensions and continue to do business!) Its a shame! They choke are wages, force us to compete with 3rd world countrys cheap labor, dump our pensions, and then beg for bailouts from the American people! And our crooked politicians make laws for them to allow this and rationalize how we have to do this or the sky will fall Martial law will be called into effect and that their to big to fail!!!
When is enough? ENOUGH?
Those corporations wich have used the Bankruptsy codes in the last 40 years to get out of their pensions or what ever else they want out of has to end! They can either reactivate those Pensions and fully fund those programs or be Liquidated, It was there Employees who made these corporations great NOT there Board of derectors OR there CEO's or there creditors. IT WAS and IS THE AMERICAN WORKER that make our company's great!
Personal Bankruptsy code must be rewritten to protect Americans benefiting those who really are in need of writing off any and all dept, And restructuring that dept when its beneficial too, The American people are saddled with Bankruptsy laws wich protect Banks not the people. Its time for Bankruptsy laws that allow Home owners to restructure there home mortgages and force banks to accept the bankruptcy Judges decisions, When Practical. Its time once again for the bankruptcy code to allow people to write off school loans, Mortgages and credit card debt.
I am not saying that a household that had a $200,000 a year income with a $400,000 mortgage will be saved in bankruptcy when that household in bankruptcy currently only has A $20,000 year income, But when a Household's income takes a big hit there creditors need to understand that bad things happen to good people, Our Judges must use common sense and we must trust them in there decisions. Its up to Our Judges to allow whats written off and whats not and when restructuring dept is good for all concerned or when total write off happens Our citizens and communities are better off when people stay in there homes and find new jobs.
13.)Giving government CLARITY and TRANSPARANCY to have HONOR once again
We need to create a Web site so people can read current legislation as written in its entirety a Town hall type Forum where your able to voice their concerns for or against a Bill and to vote for or against it in real time for there elected officials to see in real time so those officials know what there constituents want not what they think they want.
We need a web site engineered so people can look at the issues on there own time in the comfort of their homes and voice there opinions in advance before there elected officials vote on issues and to be able to hold those officials accountable when they dont vote the way their constituents wanted. ACOUNTABILITY! Elected officials Must be held accountable so they can be impeached when they go against the will of the people, districts to be broke down by address zip code so all federal issues all come up for your approval or disapproval in today's day in age it can be easily be done theres no excuse. with a triple pass code system SS# Voter id # and secret pass word and registering in a secure place such as your local DMV with access to the system on the Internet in the comfort of your own home. in today's day and age theres no excuse for not having such a system.
The electoral college system is out dated and needs to be done away with never again should anyone be elected by the popular vote only to be filled by the other guy. Theirs no excuse.
14)Foriehn policy
1) While its important for America to remain a leader in current events Protecting our interests both foreign and domestic I believe its time to take care of America and its people first. For way too long americas foreign policy has been to protect foreign and domestic MNC interests at the expense of truly encouraging democracy and freedom. I believe America should step back and restrain itself from getting involved with foreign affairs of other countrys, But be their to Protect all from those who would do harm, and to lend a helping hand when needed but with that said its also important to remember That too much help can hinder learning experiences.
We must Take care of America first and its people before trying to fix the rest of the world!
B)Middle East Policies
2) Israel
I believe it to be imperative that NO Nation recognise Israel, or Palestine till they lay down there arms and accept Peace. I beleave it to be the Worlds populous responsibility to speak up and say enough is enough! Neither Palestine nor Israel will ever reach PEACE they havnt done it in over 60 years with tens of thousands dead crippled and maimed they should both be ashamed.
4+ BILLION more like 6 BILLION people consider themselves adherents of the Abrahamic religions it is therefor the responsibility of ALL nations to stand up for there peoples and future generations and say enough is enough! The Israeli government and the Arab nations are NEVER going to lay down arms and accept any sort of peace, they should be ashamed because they live in one of the most Holley places in all of the world and they make WAR acting like children! Israel and all its lands belong to all the peoples of the world and all nations now and forever! Jerusalem has been destroyed twice besieged 23 times attacked 52 times and captured and recaptured 44 times.
Does the world have to have another world war over religion? Before it all ends? How many must DIE before someone says enough?
I believe Palestine and its people should be recognised as a nation but they DO NOT deserve the right to control Israel neither do the people of Israel as Israel justly belongs to ALL the people of the world of ALL nations. I believe Israel should be controlled very similarly as ANARTICA or the Moon is controlled today by All the worlds nations.
ALL peoples of all Nations will have EQUEL rights to land in Israel to run their respective offices representing their peoples equally when their people come to visit and sight see with visitor burroughs, Hotels, stores and places of worship. all governments will sit down and agree how many people each will be needed to have an to set up an infrastructure and those people will serve a temporary duty stay by volunteering but NONE, NO ONE is or are allowed to take up permanent residency not even Clergy to do so would invite opinion and policy making wich is dangerous to Peace.
Just like Antarctica or the Moon is ruled so should Israel with NO ONE government controlling ANYTHING or having exclusive rights to ANY thing! all land to be divided equally by drawing or Lottery. No country would get preferential treatment in any locality.
The most Holly sights in Jerusalem and all of Israel to be controlled by and policed by ALL the worlds Nations with an International Police system made up of all the worlds Peoples, with only a volunteer staff of neutrality.
This international police system will have NO ability to make ANY policy EVER nor will it EVER have the ability to over see any other nation or peoples outside of Israel EVER! to allow the formation of any international police system is a very dangerous tool one wich looks good in its idealism but could be considered a step towards a single world government type of control over the worlds populations and should be viewed as such so as to avoid it form ever being used outside of its original intent.
Each nation and its people will have EQUAL time to come and to VISIT and Worship freely but may only stay as long as per an international agreement to be determined. one day 7 days 30 days etc. No one Nation or Peoples would have preference OR special treatment.
In agreeing to do this the People of Palestine will be recognised as a nation and the Israeli people will be accepted into palestine rule OR be accepted into America OR any other nation of their choice. all the nations of the world must accept any person or family that wishes to immigrate to their land.
NO ONE, No one government and no one country will ever be allowed to hold claim as they are the only people of Israel but ALL the peoples of ALL nations will be party to Israel.
I suggest this because after 2000+ years both sides have proven neither side is going to let down neither side will cave, nether side is trust worthy enough to accept any other offer for peace. Jerusalem is a place for worship for ALL PEPOLES NOTHING ELSE!
No one religion can claim ownership when so many claim their religions roots are based in Jerusalem . therefore I say it belongs to the people of all the world! ALL nations! all peoples Because no one nation should ever control even a small portion of the world that so many hold dear, Because most all people in all nations are allowed to worship all religions all nations peoples have a stake in this and therefore All nations have a say in israel's existence. ALL nations have a say in who rules and I say it comes under the same rules as Antarctica or the Moon with no one nation being able to claim too any particular part.
Let there be PEACE.


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Jan 3, 2012
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This is a touchy subject for me as I grew up in a time when Iran was as I view it now to be a Terrorist society wich has repeatedly attacked American citizens. And repeatedly quelled its own public from publicly speaking out against its government or officials by imprisoning Torturing and outright murdering its own people.
Without free thinking peoples no Nation can grow, Tyranny does not work. America for that reason cannot accept an Iran that has Nuclear weapons and it must abandon there pursuit there of. It is in Iran's best interest to denounce Terrorism and abandon its nuclear weapon ambitions. Americans as a whole do not wish to go to War with any nation let alone Iran but we do fear an Islamic comunity who has repeatedly shown strong aggression to the US and our alleys.
AGAIN let their be PEACE!
Finally I am only one man I cant possibly do any of these things alone I cant even do it by being elected president! a president cannot make laws he cannot abolish laws he can only sign bills into law or veto them.
I can not do any of these things without the house and the Senate BUT most importantly I cant do ANY of these things without you the American people! I need your support and not just at the voting booth! It doesnt just stop their because no president can do any thing with out the House and Congress to make any law! I need them and I need YOU to bring balance to our laws together we will light a fire under them asses in the House and Congress and Fix this Great Nation of ours.
My name is D.Barnett a.k.a "Doright" and I would like to be your next President to make this country great again and bring hope, prosperity and opportunity back to the American people, by Giving our government CLARITY and TRANSPARANCY to have HONOR once again.
If I am not dead by election day!


Dec 23, 2011
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Best Wishes with your campaign.
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