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12 killed on train track south of Barcelona


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Feb 2, 2010
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Granada, España
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BBC News - Spanish train kills 12 on tracks near Barcelona

Awful, just awful, but anyone who knows this line (and plenty of other coastal rail lines around Spain) will know that it has been a tragedy waiting to happen. Access to the tracks is so easy and the underpass so inadequate when there are a lot of people wanting to use it, that many or even most people would cross by simply jumping off the platform and crossing the lines.

That there was no warning of the approaching high-speed train and that no effort was made to make access to the track more difficult are the two factors that will need to be addressed by the inevitable inquiry.

Horrible way for the San Juan festival to begin.
Sorry to hear this Andalublue. It is amazing how often we all leave these accidents waiting to happen until it is too late. Sounds awful
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