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11 years? Could you imagine? (1 Viewer)


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Source: Seattle Times

NACOGDOCHES, Texas — Her husband at her side, her children hours away, Bobbi Parker headed home to Oklahoma yesterday for the first time since she vanished along with an inmate after a prison break 11 years ago. Parker, wife of a warden who never remarried, disappeared with killer Randolph Dial during his 1994 escape from an Oklahoma prison. Dial was arrested Monday; authorities believe he kept Parker from escaping by threatening to hurt her family.

"Our indications are from our initial investigation that she was in fact kidnapped and held against her will," Oklahoma City FBI spokesman Gary Johnson said yesterday.

Parker, 42, spent Tuesday night with her husband, Randy Parker. Nacogdoches County Justice of the Peace Donna Clayton witnessed the reunion.

"They just looked at each other, and both of them took a deep breath, and the next thing I knew, both of them were hugging and crying," Clayton said. "I think on both their parts it was, 'Are you really there?' "

A tip generated by the TV show "America's Most Wanted" led law enforcement to Dial, who was arrested in Campti, near the Louisiana border.

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