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10 Terror Arrests Made in Teacher Beheading Case in Paris


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Aug 1, 2014
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The man who beheaded a teacher in a street in France waited outside the school and asked pupils to identify his target, anti-terrorism officials say.

The number arrested rose to 10 on Saturday, with police investigating possible links to Islamic extremism.

The man posted images on social media of dead victim Samuel Paty, 47, who had shown controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his students.
The attacker later fired at police with an airgun before being shot dead.

Thank god they're doing something now. The pictures of poor Samuel Paty's severed head lying on the pavement were seriously disturbing, but vitally important for me to view. When you see the reality of this third world barbararism for yourself, THEN you can judge. Mr Paty's head was found entirely removed from his body which was several feet away. His 'corona mask' could still be seen at the base of his neck, an absurd reminder that Mr Paty's government told him he'd be safe if he wore a mask.
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