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May 19, 2004
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In 3 days Debate Politics will be one year old. May 25th. (day of domain purchase)

We currently have over 20,600 posts and over 500 members. Last night we had our 500th member sign up. In October, we moved to the forum that we are using today from phpBB2. Perhaps later I will work on all our milestones and post them.

IMO, our growth rate is perfect. Not too fast and not too slow.

I would like to say Thank you to this community. Without the balance of all parties this place would be boring. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, dreams, and facts - some of us have actually re-thought our positions on many topics.

I would also like to thank our Moderators - They keep this place in running order.
Squawker = Conservative [avatar & smilie admin]
GarzaUK = Liberal and representing our European community.
Gandhi>Bush = Liberal
Pacridge = Independent/Liberal
Shaumort = Independent

Here is to more years to come!

Yes I can say, that I'll be part of this community for years to come.. really nice community good job!
If anyone needs me then PM me gangster/a
:clap: Cheers to the DP Crew, and all the great posters! :beer: :good_job:

If anyone wants to fly over to the UK and celebrate, I will buy them a beer. LOL. Happy Birthday DB!
Huzzah one year! And the balance of parties! I must say the amount of Liberals and Conservatives is balanced now, I noticed for a bit the Liberals outnumbered the Conservatives, but looks good now. Anyway, hats off!
There truely are much more conservatives signed up on the forum.
But, as far as the "active" posters ratio it's just about even.

Thanks for the award Squawker!
I was going to wait until the 25th to post this, but I may not be on...

Happy birthday DP, you have been my savior from boredom, opened my eyes to a few new ideas and changed a couple of my views. That is pretty damn good for only a few months. Happy birthday and thank you to those who keep this place running so smoothly.
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