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1,200 licensed Architects and Engineers part of Historic 9/11 billboard


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Aug 26, 2009
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Re: 1,200 clowns on a lump of wood ...

Here is a pic of the 24ft long by 12ft high billboard put up Aug 5, 2010 in California now with over 1,200 licensed architects and engineers who support call for a new and independent 9/11 probe.
Oh! look Da Twoof is talking/whining ... it has a billboard !!!

It's a billboard creative ... you know when people PAY to put wurdz up ... means ****e all in the real world ... :roll:

Yawn ... yawn ... mega yawn ...

Nearly nine years now and Da Twoof has managed the craptacular feat of ONLY just over 1200 "supposed" architects and engineers.

For anyone, with at least a modicum of intellect, realises that from that number they do NOT, in fact have licenced and/or degreed actual architects and engineers ... but architectural and engineering "professionals".

" ... 1247 architectural and engineering "professionals" and ... blah, blah, blah"

There IS a difference ... it being that "professionals" is a cover-all term that INCLUDES anyone whom even just WORKS in an architecture or engineering office ... you know, draftsmen, secretaries, office managers, cleaners, even down to the tea lady, ... funny thought how they have to keep dropping the criteria to keep up this pretense they are important signatures !!!

According to their ACTUAL list they have LESS than 250 licensed OR degreed REAL architects and engineers ...

And yet from that number ONLY 5 of those names have ever produced any written work (I use the term very loosely) ... NONE of which have appeared in ANY real, legitimate or respected peer reviewed Journal for engineering, physics or architecture !!!

You'd think that with over 1200 "licensed and degreed pwofeshunals" at least one of them would have be able to do an independent full-scale FEA and FDS ...

But they haven't ...

I wonder why ????

:roll: ad infinitum

So, no, creative, there are not 1200 REAL architects and engineers on that list ... goal post shifting not withstanding, for most of the *ahem* enginweers are NOT structural or civil ones BUT electrical, chemical, mechanical, aeronautical and many other disciplines which have ZERO relevance to structures or demolition ... besides, found me yet ???

And it must still be the SLOOOOOWWWWEST growing petition ever ... with roughly 1 signature every two days ... at this rate it will be another 5 years to get to 2,000 !!!

It's a joke creative ... a complete and utter joke, and the fact you do not see that surprizes me not in the least.
Aug 10, 2010
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Re: 1,200 clowns on a lump of wood ...

ohh not this bullshirt again..... .-.
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