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‘Barbarians Are Barbaric’


May 11, 2013
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Sep 9, 2013, Vol. 19, No. 01 •

Is President Obama going wobbly on Syria? No. He’s always been wobbly on Syria—and on pretty much everything else.

Still—despite everything, despite the infuriating incompetence and the irresponsible leaking and the weak-kneed hedging and the endless equivocating; despite the great likelihood that Obama will do much less than he should, much less effectively than he could; despite the ridiculous disavowal of regime change when he has previously called for regime change, and when regime change is the only serious way to deter prospective users of chemical weapons; despite his failure to articulate an easily articulated American national interest in punishing and indeed removing Assad—despite all this and much else besides, it would be disastrous for an American president to back off from the just and necessary use of military force when he has threatened it and prepared for it.

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When Liberals turn....
When is it okay to send missiles to start a war? Would cruise missiles fired at Washington DC be considered an act of War? Is the tail wagging the dog?
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