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    School shootings are a poor basis for gun policy

    While the Sandy Hook tragedy does tend to pull on the heartstrings, they are isolated random events. You won't stop them with nonsense like the assault weapon ban, as evidenced when the Virginia tech killer racked up the highest body count with a .22 caliber pistol. Nor will you by arming people...
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    Giving the Public a Voice (that actually gets listened to)

    Frankly, I'm sick and tired of watching protests, letters to your congressmen, and other means a citizen theoretically influencing the political process prove absolutely fruitless. You can have hundreds of thousands of people at rallys or protests and accomplish nothing, while a few television...
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    Catapult used in Cross-border pot smuggling

    Drug Catapult Found at U.S.-Mexico Border - FoxNews.com Science FTW!
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    Facebook: Goldman Sachs excludes US investors from deal

    BBC News - Facebook: Goldman Sachs excludes US investors from deal Goldman looks very shady in this deal. They are essentially getting people to invest in Facebook without actually being required to give investors details about Facebooks financials. That makes it easy to sell an overvalued...
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    Ann Coulter a Gay Conservative Icon?

    I couldn't help but notice that Ms. Coulter was the cover of the NYT style section today and was intrigued enough to read the article. Apparently, the current crop of crazy has made her shtick less shocking, so she has moved onto new pastures. She had decided to flagship the gay log-cabin...
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    How could we actually fix the deficit?

    Looking the U.S. deficit and its growth in the last decade, we are starting to have a serious problem with overspending. While it not a crisis at this very moment, it will be the future unless serious changes are made. Realistically, it is impossible to lower the deficit without cutting either...
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    First Post Formatting Error since update

    The first post in every thread is having the text row length cut short, so the text appears in very narrow and tall blocks.
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    Russia to Open Airspace to U.S. for Afghan War

    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/04/world/europe/04russia.html It looks like Obama has made some headway on the world scene with his foreign policy approach. We aren't going to start skipping through the fields with the Russian's, but at least we can cooperate when it suits us both. Hopefully...
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    How hybrids could be better than normal cars!(But aren't today)

    The problem with the modern hybrid (I'm looking at you Prius) is that they are simply worse than a comparable gasoline powered car in most metrics. You can get better price, more speed, more space, lower weight and even better fuel efficiency (European diesel smart cars) if you pick the right...
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    A Senior Fellow at the Institute of Nonexistence

    http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/13/arts/television/13hoax.html?hp This man has essentially been faking news well enough that his fake stories get picked up by real media sources. The claim that Palin couldn't locate Africa on map was made up by this guy. Its pathetic that the media doesn't...
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    Ted Stevens Wins the Senate Race!

    It looks like the Alaskan people have just voted a man convicted of felony corruption charges into office. I'd like to think it was a strategic plan by voters to wait for him to get voted out and Palin to nominate a replacement. Really, I think that the voters were actually stupid enough to vote...
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    Kim Jong Il Sick? Stroke Rumors Circulate

    Kim Jong Il Sick? Stroke Rumors Circulate, North Korean Leader Absent From Nation's 60th Anniversary Celebration - CBS News This could end up being extremely beneficial or extremely dangerous to the rest of the world. North Korea is ruled by a cult-personality, and if its leader ends up dead...
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    Possible Palin Scandal Already?

    Alaskan Governor's child may be her daughter's? - iReport.com In summary, rumors are starting to circulate the Palin's latest child was actually born to her teen-aged daughter Bristol. For the record, let me say that this evidence is quite circumstantial and isn't even close to...
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    Minor In Possession: Not on Private Property?

    After examining California states laws regarding minor in possession of alcohol in California, I have discovered an interesting tidbit. It appears legal for persons under 21 years of age to drink in a private residence. Although drinking in public, possessing alcohol in motor vehicle and...
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    Nanosolar: This might revolutionize the world

    Nanosolar. This product of extremely low cost panels promises to deliver energy at a cost that would compete even with coal. By focusing on lowering production costs rather than increasing efficiency, this company may have found the solution. Trying to force companies to be environmentally...
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    Giuliania Press Secretary Orders Arrest of Reporter

    Reporter Arrested on Orders of Giuliani Press Secretary This is quite disturbing. The press secretary just point at a guy and he gets arrested on trumped up charges and removed from the conference? He was charged with trespassing even though he had the press pass and the CNN people asked him...
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    Inheritance Tax vs Income Tax

    Strangely enough, the inheritance tax seems to receive a lot of hatred from those normally critical of our current income tax system. The question is simple: Why is this so? Taxes, at least to some degree, are necessary for our current government. And taxes are going to be taken from someone at...
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    God: Ignoring the Rest of the World?

    I was wondering how Christianity justified the universal power of God's law given the spread of the religion as a whole. For at least 1500 years, no mention of Christianity ever reached Australia or America. Yet theoretically, they were dying and being judged. How did God judge such people, who...
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    Intellecutal Property

    Recently the definition and power of intangible but still valuable intellectual property has been a serious area of discussion in the corporate world. The government too is interested, but the public still remains disinterested. Considering that such property only exists because of government...
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    Economist Milton Friedman dead at 94 [title changed]

    Story http://sanjose.bizjournals.com/sanjose/stories/2006/11/13/daily65.html Milton Friedman is a famous noble prize winning economist died today. Wiki bio below. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Milton_Friedman Regardless of whether you agreed with all the specifics of his policies, he...
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