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    Iran Nuclear Deal

    Something I'm trying to understand. Iran has been working on a nuclear program for years. They have been willing to withstand sanctions for their nuclear program for a very long time. Over the course of this time they have been able to get closer and closer to gaining the ability to create a...
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    Propane Shortages Threaten Heartland in Winter Freeze

    Iowa calls for action on propane shortage - Jan. 27, 2014 Steps Being Taken To Help Ease Propane Shortage « CBS Minnesota Prolonged cold blast worsens propane shortage across Midwest - U.S. News Propane Shortages Threaten Midwest and Northeast in Winter Freeze | TIME.com A combination of...
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    Working in ND

    KFYRTV.COM - Bismarck, ND - News, Weather, Sports - More Young Adults Move to North Dakota Stay golden ponyboy...Stay gold...
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    Problems with US health care system

    In light of the other poll, what is the biggest problem with the US health care system in your opinion? The recent Health Care Reform bill may have or may not have addressed any number of these.
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    Increasing Health Care Expenditures

    Please answer the poll and provide some reasoning for your answer if you wish. Note: Please select the LARGEST or most prominent cause for the increase of health care expenditure in the US in your opinion.
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    Is American an Ethnicity?

    Obviously American is a nationality that everyone is a part of, but is American an ethnicity? I had to take a poly sci class as part of the core curriculum and this was one of the debates in the class. The prof asked us what our ethnicity was. Basically I could not think of any group of people...
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    Social Security and the Stock Market

    Social Security is going to have to be changed in the next few years due to the baby boomer generation beginning to retire. I think everyone by now knows the story, but there will be a shortfall if we do not do something about this. Some have proposed we take SS funds as we do now, but instead...
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    Advice wanted

    Ok, I feel like an idiot posting about this, but I need advice. One of my buddies met up with some old friends from high school a while ago at the bar. We have gone out to the bars, maybe 4 or 5 times, and gone to a few house parties. One of the girls I have always kind of liked, though I don't...
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    Martin Luther King Jr., "I have a dream"

    Thought I would post the video of this famous speech on Martin Luther King Jr day. If you have never watched, you should. Listening to this speech puts chills down my spine. It is one of the most powerful speeches I have ever heard.
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    Persuasive Argument for Progressive Taxes

    I have noticed that some poeple, from my observation they are typically more partisan republicans, put forth two tax policies with justifications I feel are contradictory. Let me explain. The first position goes as follows: During a recession taxes should be lowered, to stimulate the economy...
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    Another Social Security Fix

    Cpwill had a proposal with some good points in it earlier. It failed, however, to gain any democrat votes. I did some looking around, and found a plan somewhat similar to his, only with a smaller amount of money going towards personal retirement accounts. I also believe it has a much smaller...
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    Oil Consumption and Standard of Living

    I have heard a lot about the fact that we need oil. That to me is obvious, but how much? Some people seem to think it is impossible at the moment to cut our current oil consumption without lowering our standards of living. I think this has been shown to be false over the past 30 - 40 years...
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    Hypothetical: $100 Game

    You agree with another person to play a game where one of you could win up to $100. Before you play you learn the rules. The rules are: The game begins with a coin toss The coin toss decides each players roles of either player A or B Player A proposes the division of the $100. Player B then...
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    A Definition of Fascism

    In the thread about whether fascism can work or not I think people are confusing fascism with a form of government such as a dictatorship, or simply authoritarianism. I think it is much more than that. So the question is, is this a good definition of fascism? Reference: -Robert O. Paxton, The...
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    Inflation: Look out below | The Economist http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2010/05/cpi-declines-01-core-cpi-flat.html Turn up the helicopter press Ben! Just imagine how many jobs we would be making if inflation was moving the other way.
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    States to Senate: Send More Federal Aid

    Senate moves on jobs - but not state rescue - Feb. 13, 2010 Don't expect any bi-partisan support soon. It is still unknown whether a trimmed down jobs bill without aid to states will even pass. Hatch Opposes Reid’s Jobs Bill - Washington Wire - WSJ: I disagree, it is you who is abandoning...
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    Interesting fact

    I was just reading through wikipedia and came across some of this. Viet Minh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "The Việt Minh was a national liberation movement founded in South China on May 19, 1941. The Việt Minh initially formed to seek independence for Vietnam from France and later to...
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    The "real estate" bubble

    For those of you that still believe the real estate bubble's root cause was Frannie/Freddie, the community reinvestment act, predatory lending, subprime morgages, etc... tulipomania
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    Paradox of Thrift

    Interesting article I found on Paul Krugman's blog. It is written by Gauti Eggertsson from the New York Federal Reserve. He is calling our current economic situation, with zero-bound interest rates, a paradox of thrift. He says because of these zero-bound interest rates that certain policies by...
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