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  1. pragmatic

    In the less than one month under Biden things are getting worse and worse

    Can only assume your post is supposed to be sarcastic jest. I'm a lifelong conservative (moderate?) and can only perceive trying to blame the spike in natural gas prices on Joe Biden as pretty absurd. .
  2. pragmatic

    Was there a vast conspiracy to dethrone Trump?

    No. There was no vast conspiracy to dethrone Donald Trump. The November election was legit. Trump got a large amount of votes but his opponent got more. Really is time to move along now...
  3. pragmatic

    The election is getting close and we need to know

    Why exactly do you need to know?? Are you on the fence as to whether or not you are going to vote for him...??
  4. pragmatic

    GOP installs SCAM drop boxes, to throw the election. IN CALIFORNIA.

    Yeah, the jury is still out on this one. So far this just sounds like some republicans are playing political games to mess with the heads of the democrat opposition. Specifically on the topic of vote harvesting. As long as all the ballots are making their way to the election board vault, all...
  5. pragmatic

    Virus that causes Covid-19 can survive for 28 days on common surfaces, research says

    Very sensational headline. But it's probably worthwhile to read the criteria and details of the testing buried in the article. The experiments were all done in the dark, because light tends to kill the virus. Also not clear if the virus is actually infectious during those later days. And...
  6. pragmatic

    1 person dead, 2 suspects in custody following shooting at Denver protests: Police

    (Suspect this story isn't going to last too long in the headlines...) "Both the victim and the gunman were white men, Joe Montoya, chief of the Police Department’s investigations division, said at a news conference on Saturday evening. The victim was taken to a hospital, where he later died, he...
  7. pragmatic

    Huckabee Sued County For Closing His Beach Due to COVID-19

    May be a case where it just gets down to the details. When we saw all those crowds of springbreakers recently cavorting on Florida beaches a lot of people just shook there heads and were annoyed by the idiot behavior. <raises hand> Because it was idiot behavior. So now how far has the...
  8. pragmatic

    Huckabee Sued County For Closing His Beach Due to COVID-19

    Yeah, but it's all about the headline. The writer takes a relatively reasonable issue with two valid arguments. Distorts the basic facts. Then assigns the legal action to Mike Huckabee directly and pastes his name in bold letters at the top of the story. Its the new norm. Play to your...
  9. pragmatic

    The 1,000-Bed Comfort Was Supposed to Aid New York. It Has 20 Patients.

    Confidence is pretty high that Donald Trump had zero involvement with "establishing the rules" for the Comfort. The hospital ships on each coast are a good thing. Sounds like they are being very cautious about screening patients who are boarding the vessels. Seems prudent. The procedures...
  10. pragmatic

    The U.S. was beset by denial and dysfunction as the coronavirus raged

    Well there you go. Donald Trump isn't a very good leader. (and it is painful watching him drone on in these press conferences.) But specifically what would you have (realistically) done differently as this all evolved? When exactly did the magic eight-ball predict the need to increase...
  11. pragmatic

    Former OSU wrestler accuses Jim Jordan of lying about claiming to not have known about alleged abuse

    The story does make for a pretty good/sensational partisan "scandal". But exactly what charges to you want to be brought against Jim Jordan...??
  12. pragmatic

    If it's Trump v. Biden, who will win?

    Good polling question. Likeability is certainly a factor in any election. In 2016 we had a rather unique circumstance where both candidates were distasteful/repellent. In the end advantage went to Trump who won by a hair. (Aided by the fact that Clinton's campaign strategists did a very...
  13. pragmatic

    SCOTUS rules against democracy in Gerrymandering case!!!

    Citizens United was a complex case. And the final court ruling is commonly distorted/misrepresented. There were good arguments made in both the Majority and Dissenting opinions.
  14. pragmatic

    SCOTUS rules against democracy in Gerrymandering case!!!

    I disagree. Your response just sounds hyperbolic partisan blather. The Supreme Court has a critical responsibility and they handle it relatively well. Some topics are controversial/emotional and difficult to rule on. The "fiery attacks" we commonly hear in social media venues typically...
  15. pragmatic

    SCOTUS rules against democracy in Gerrymandering case!!!

    Which is where we get the term "legislating from the bench". Not something the founders had in mind.
  16. pragmatic

    SCOTUS rules against democracy in Gerrymandering case!!!

    And that is what Roberts explicitly stated in the majority decision. It is not a Constitutional issue. Not a radical conclusion.
  17. pragmatic

    US black school aide fired for rebuking boy's use of n-word

    Yeah, agree. After doing a little more digging am changing my initial opinion/view on the event. First impression was that the student and the guard got into a shouting match lobbing the n-bomb at each other. Appears now that Anderson simply used the word in the process of telling the...
  18. pragmatic

    US black school aide fired for rebuking boy's use of n-word

    The content of the BBC article linked in the OP does not line up with the claims being made. You either already know that fact or you have not read the link.
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