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  1. J

    Saddam's capture staged?

    I'm not sure about Saddam's capture being staged, although there is evidence to suggest that. We do know, however, that Osama bin Laden died back in 2001, and all video and audio supposedly from him was either hoaxed or, in all probability, archived by (insert guilty party here) for later use...
  2. J

    Bohemain Grove

    Apparently nobody wants to comment on this, so I will. That's right, folks, Bohemian Grove is real. Just look it up. Politicians and heads of business and media admit going there, newspapers report about it being real, and there's even two seperate videos from two seperate people showing the...
  3. J

    Great Videos.

    Great videos pertaining to various issues such as 9/11, the government, religion, etc. I hope you'll all check them out and, if you find them informative, then by all means, spread the links around to your friends. :) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4382151310886411718&q=martial+law...
  4. J


    Just wanted to drop in a line and say hi to everybody. I'll occasionally post a comment here and there, but with my schedule being busier than normal, I might not get to do any real debating. Ah well, God bless and take care.
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