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    Schumer Reveals: Next Month Ban on Undetectable Plastic Guns Expires, In Danger of No

    Re: Schumer Reveals: Next Month Ban on Undetectable Plastic Guns Expires, In Danger o Who says we don't there are laws in the books that if 100% followed would keep guns out the hands of most crooks. But we don't/can't enforce them 100% of the time. People steal guns. People sell them to...
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    Schumer Reveals: Next Month Ban on Undetectable Plastic Guns Expires, In Danger of No

    Re: Schumer Reveals: Next Month Ban on Undetectable Plastic Guns Expires, In Danger o Its of interest to the government but not to the people. Airports government buildings etc are all places that if someone is going to brake the law and bring a weapon into having a law that says its not...
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    Only property owners should vote

    1) Depends how you mean "a Right". IMHO: Right= something that will happen regardless of what anyone says or dosen't say. In that view its not a right. (Free Speach is a right as in you can't stop people from saying anything you can punish them afterward but you can't stop them in the...
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    Only property owners should vote

    No. All Property was fought for. The looser through out history got killed, got removed, or became citizens of the new owners. Its a argument that ticks me off alot. In europe, asia, africa, austrialia it was more or less fine that people got removed from there land due to theft, loss in war...
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    Bill Whittle: Family Guy Programming Young People to Hate GOP

    True. But just to make clear... Avatar: the last Airbender = great Avatar: the last Airbender the Movie = sad Avatar (2009) CGI Movie = good cgi/dull over used story.
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    What is the real purpose of DUI checkpoints?

    Thats the point again. Most the time most make it home safely. They are just more likely to cause something bad then people do when sober. Just like speeding. Most the time most don't have any problems. But its fineable becuase its more likely to cause something then when going slower. Its not...
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    What is the real purpose of DUI checkpoints?

    I think your right. If it worked better that way there would be standing DUI checkpoints. But for the most part (maybe 80%) its for show of force. also if it's posted before hand its a reminder DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE TONIGHT we are watching the road for it so don't do it.
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    What is the real purpose of DUI checkpoints?

    Thats true for the other side too. Its impossable to tell how many Drunk Drivers make it home safely with aboslutely NO infraction of law aside from drinking a driveing. They are not caught or counted. It's why people do it, most the time they make it back ok. Which is why even with it being...
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    The Islamic Antichrist

    But arn't there at least a couple different verisons of the bible? Different translations, different interprataions etc. And the Bible dosen't take anything from geek and roamn polytheism but Catholism dose. It took multiple gods each incharge of aspect of life and changed them into multiple...
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    The Islamic Antichrist

    Na the closer two groups understand eachother the More they likely they are to fight. It's becuse of, not inspite of, being 90% the same they fight. Where as they could care less about the comeing of Ragnarok and the endless winter that will freeze us all.
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    What if Martin Luther King had never been assassinated?

    It's an inharent problem of activist. If the problem is "solved" the promoter dosen't just disapper into the woodwork. They need another problem to lead the people against. and humanity is full of problems and any one that dreams of a "utopia" will always see them as fixable.
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    How does Socialism deal with Human Selfishness?

    Speaking as an outsider looking at Socialism, of which I don't agree with, I see the anwers as... Force. The Greedy Monkeys are Greedy. Which is a Sin. Which will be corrected by force. Either the monkey will change its way of thinking(re-education), or be seprated from the group (prison or...
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    THinking on Syria

    Pretty darn bad (which it is)... the real question would be what would you have us do? Support the Govement of Syria? Support the Rebels? Just support the 'people' over there? Set up a new goverment without both groups? The problem with getting involved is there is no "good guys" in the fight...
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    Obama considers unilateral Syria response

    I don't like the guy but I see he's kinda in a Darned if I do Darned if I don't. With no really good anwers. He's made a bunch of "red lines" and each time Syria has crossed them. So it looks like he can't enforce any threats he makes, makeing the US look like a Paper Tiger. On other hand our...
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    Why can some schools get away with this sort of thing?

    Ok that at least sounds alot better. But its misinterpetable. He's nolonger PE teacher he's a principal he has to take into what it looks like hes doing as much as what it is he is doing. Yes it probably improves safety. But it also looks like hes makeing kids bow to him or teacher on duty. Yes...
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    Retirement age

    Isn't that just an avg. number? I thought people retired when they thought they had enough money that would last the rest of there lives. Which would be different on a person by person basis, as some people can make due with less and other 'require' more.
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    Why can some schools get away with this sort of thing?

    Kneel for principal policy abandoned at Calimesa Elementary School This is one of those to stupid to make up stories, and I'm glad it got stopped, but how did a school get away with this level of derp :screwy in the first place?
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    10 Worst Tech Predictions of All Time

    I read alot of hate for Apple, Mircosoft, HP, etc.. on PC Websites. The popular software/hardware always seem to garner a lot of hate becuse there not perfect and geared toward the "common" user. (sidenote: same thing seems to happen to Yankees, Walmart, and America in general anything...
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    50% of student loan debt is going into default. Uh oh.

    Hard to define Most as any use of words like most/some/etc are a generalization just by the use of them. Accourding to Artical that headlines this thread 50% of student loans going into default. It dosen't say if they had money to spend on other things, and just didn't pay the loan, that is...
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    King Obama vs. Rule of Law

    Don't forget Wilson, Teddy, and Jackson. This stuff been happening from start.
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